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Rapper Lil Peep comes out as bisexual

Emo-rap star, who has amassed millions of views on YouTube, has come out at the beginning of his career

Rapper Lil Peep comes out as bisexual

US rapper Lil Peep has come out publicly as bisexual.

The New York-born musician, real name Gustav Åhr, opened up about his sexuality in a series of to-the-point posts on social media on Tuesday (August 8).

“Yes I’m bi sexual” he wrote in a simple four-word tweet, before asking followers “who wants a kiss?”

Lil Peep, a rising star of the underground music scene who’s generated buzz online over the last two years with tracks including ‘White Wine’, ‘Star Shopping’, later shared a picture of himself making a smoothie on Instagram, which he captioned with a statement about his sexual orientation.

“Bi sexual smoothies with lil peep oh my god I’m gay as f**k,” he wrote, before adding: “but I still love girls wats going on.”

Lil Peep’s announcement comes just days before the London-based artist releases his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One). 

He’s set to take the record around the US in a series of live tour dates, which were also unveiled on Tuesday.


Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @lilpeep op

Drunk punk goth boi

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @lilpeep op

Watch the video for Lil Peep’s The Brightside below:


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