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WATCH: Little boy becomes more accepting of homosexuality in sweet video

Get ready to go ‘aww’

Little boy discussing homosexuality
Twitter – Little boy discussing homosexuality in video

The YouTube channel FBE is known in part for their reaction videos.

Previously, they’ve had elders watch and react to our favorite animated short film In a Heartbeat. Then they had the creators of the film watch the elders reacting.

This new, video, however, is a little different.

Twitter user @velvetpjm compiled clips of a little boy seen in many of the reaction videos over the years. It shows him in three separate instances talking about homosexuality and gay marriage. The tweet already has over 23,000 re-tweets and 43,000 likes.

Over the course of the minute-long video, something remarkable happens: the boy becomes more accepting and open-minded over the course of years these clips span.

@velvetpjm tweeted along with the video: ‘the greatest character development of all time.’

In the first clip, the boy is five years old and he says ‘gay is bad for you’. When asked why, he says he doesn’t know.

Two years later, his tone is a little different, saying people can love who they love.

‘Last time, I was concerned that it was not good,’ he says. ‘Now I’m in a higher grade, read more books, get more information about stuff. I feel different now.’

In the last clip, he’s talking about In a Heartbeat. ‘I’m pretty sure this is one of the first ever gay short films in a very long time,’ he comments. ‘So that’s amazing how they decided to do that and it’s just really nice to see how that’s happened. I want them to make more so people can know that it’s okay to be gay or lesbian because that is fine.’

It goes a long way in showing kids are more perceptive than some may realize. It’s also heartwarming to see anyone become more open-minded about LGBT issues.

Watch little boy discuss homosexuality in video:


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