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Male Sex Workers Shared Their Weirdest Client Stories on Reddit

Sex Worker Tell All

Male Sex Workers

Sometimes there are posts on Reddit that are true diamonds and today we’re going to talk about one.

In the subreddit of AskReddit, one user asked what life as a sex worker was really like. The poster asked what were some common requests clients asked and what were some uncommon/weird ones asked of the escorts.

Things got interesting from there.

One commenter responded by saying how he used to work as a male model at nightclubs in Shanghai, China. Through networking, he eventually found himself moonlighting as a full on escort for older women. Then he recounted his most memorable moment.

“When I was asked to have sex with a 30-something woman in front of her much older husband. She kept yelling things at him in Chinese while we were having sex, as he was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, wearing nothing but underwear, a shirt and a suit jacket. He also looked super pissed every time she yelled something at him.”

Other responders commented on jobs like having to smoke 6 cigarettes while their clients jerked off. “I almost threw up,” said the commenter. Another stated that he almost had his leg cut off. “We wrapped some meat around my leg and he cut that, but that didn’t work for him, he wanted to see the blood.”

Then, one man recounted how he used to work around as a naked house-cleaner:

“I worked as a nude housekeeper in college for what I assume were gay men (30s-60s). I would just strip down and do various housecleaning tasks in the buff. If they had a secluded yard, I sometimes did gardening. Most of the time they just watched me and jacked off. Sometimes they made me wear skimpy underwear or a jock strap.”

man sniffing underewar

Meanwhile, another commenter talked about how he used to escort as a way to save up and find places to stay when he was homeless. At the time, he was 37 and disabled with a small stature of 4’11” and 115 lbs. And weirdly enough, his most common request was to wear a schoolboy uniform.

Then finally, we found a story of a BDSM worker who had finally had enough with one client.

“But once I had a guy suspended from a tree and was shocking the shit out of his balls in my backyard. He was a regular, super masochist, which means that there is more of a chance of injury since super masochists are much more likely to request something that will injure them….this guy pretty much requested the one no no in that scene. Castration.”

“He was begging me to cut his balls off. I had them cinched up in a rope which measured about an inch and a half from base of the scrotum, pulling his balls and squeezing them at the limits of his scrotum. I only had my rope cutter handy, and sure as fuck was not cutting his balls off. I took him down and calmed him down, he apologized profusely. I never saw him again.”

These stories were entertaining, enlightening, and pretty concerning. The life of an escort is not a pretty one. It’d be best to remember that.

If you want to read more, you can read the Reddit post here.


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