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Has gay porn gone too far? Man has sex with stuffed My Little Pony unicorn

When they said friendship is magic on My Little Pony, they didn’t mean this

My Little Pony gay porn
My Little Pony gay porn? Yep it happened | Alternadudes

A gay porn studio is under fire for using a stuffed My Little Pony unicorn as a sex toy.

No, we didn’t think we’d ever be writing that sentence either.

Entitled ‘A Brony And His Ponies’, the Alternadudes scene sees one man take his obsession a little too far.

That poor stuffed pony doesn't know what's coming
That poor stuffed pony doesn’t know what’s coming

In what must be a first for gay porn (what history we are witnessing), an actor named Dashie Chance gets intimate with a large stuffed toy.

Alternadudes writes: ‘Dashie is one hot dude.

‘He’s a scruffy, shaggy Brony who isn’t afraid to admit his love for the pony culture. He also likes all things furry and enjoys hanging out at the bar and watching movies.

Have you ever given a stuffed horn a blowjob?
Have you ever given a stuffed horn a blowjob?

‘Dashie starts out slow in his Brony gear and slowly progresses to the point where he’s buck naked.

‘He whips out his big, smooth cock and plays with his giant shaved sack until he’s rock hard and ready for more.

‘He’s not just satisfied with his hand, so he hops on his stuffed unicorn and humps away.’

But he doesn’t just stop at having sex with the big unicorn toy, the smaller animal gets in on the action too.

Stop! You're going to get a rash!
Stop! You’re going to get a rash!

Did the gay porn studio go too far by using My Little Pony?

The porn company is now being accused of going too far.

‘To all those people that thought Lady Ghostbusters would ruin your childhood, take a look at this,’ one said on Twitter.

We're not sure if HE is even into it
We’re not sure if HE is even into it

‘Gay porn. Stuffed toy. My Little Pony. Why? WHY???’ another said.

Another commented (where you can also see the full explicit images): ‘Me: “What is that ridiculous hat? Take the hat off”.

You poor poor thing
You poor poor thing

‘Also me: “Please put your hat back on. And your clothes. Burn the ponies. We’ll never speak of it again”.’

This isn’t the first (or we reckon the last) time a gay porn studio was criticized for their choice of props.

Last year, Men.com was criticized for using a digeridoo as a dildo in a gay sex scene.


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