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WATCH: This Man Wear A Romper All Over Manhattan


Man Wear A Romper

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Romper craze.

If you haven’t let me catch you up to speed.

A few weeks ago, the internet went abuzz after finding its next big thing to obsess over, talk about, and argue about.

The story started when a Kickstarter popped up for the #RompHim. A couple of guys got together and thought that creating a romper for men would be a good idea.

The internet exploded with its thoughts.

Some on the internet were all for the idea, and a lot of others were strongly against it. Others liked to point out that the idea isn’t new and has been around for decades. They state that before it was called a male romper, it was just a jumpsuit.

This craze took over the internet for a week or two, and it seems the world has now accepted the existence of the male romper.

But that doesn’t mean everyone’s ok with it, as one man found out when he decided to do a little social experiment.

Instagram and Youtube star QPark decided to get himself a set of the $130 men’s onesie, talk the romper all over Manhattan in three different neighborhoods, and see what everyone thinks of it.

It was certainly an experience.

QPark got responses ranging from, ““What planet did you come out of” and “sexy ass shit!… he got a muthafuckin romper on.”

If you want to check out how QPark’s 10 hour walk with a romper all over Manhattan went, you can do that by checking out out the six minute video down below.

Are you gonna get a romper?

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