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Man who tortured, burned gay man alive gets 17 years in jail

David Olyn
David Olyn (21) was tortured, beaten and set on fire for being gay

A man who tied up and burned a gay man to death was sentenced to 17 years in jail this week.

Christo Oncke, of South Africa, assaulted, strangled, tortured, tied up, and set alight victim David Olyn (pictured) in front of a crowd of onlookers in March 2014.

Olyn was only 21.

Following the torture and brutal murder, Oncke went to a bar and sang karaoke ‘apparently unperturbed’.

He then bragged to 17 witnesses about killing a ‘moffie’, a slur for a gay man.

Oncke claimed in court Olyn ‘asked to have sex with him’.

Judge Siraj enforced hate crime charges because Oncke ‘said he was sexually attacked by Olyn and that caused him to react the way he did.

‘He meant to hurt him and this points to it being a hate crime,’ he said.

The murderer was convicted of hate crime charges and received 17 years – close to the 20-year maximum sentence.


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