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We’re Going Crazy Over MenWithOpenLegs’s Instagram Pics



We have the latest Instagram stud account that everyone’s talking about and you will just have to see it to believe it.

Now, we at GayPopBuzz are not afraid to ogle at the beauty of the male body. We oohed at Nick Jonas’s growing studliness. We ahhed at all the people riding the tube or the subway in their underwear. And now we’re going to show you an Instagram account all about manspreading.

That’s right, the Instagram account that everyone’s talking about is Menwithopenlegs.

The Instagram account is pretty self-explanatory with the name saying it all. It’s an Instagram account with men hanging out with their legs all open.

Now, our immediate reaction is to roll our eyes and chuckle a little, but we can’t deny that our eyes lingered a little bit longer on the Instagram pictures.

Goofy, stupid, and sexy? Something like that is always worth a try.

If you agree, you can check out a whole bunch of the Menwithopenlegs pictures down below (again, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

After that, you  can head to their page to check out even more pictures.

God bless manspreading.



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