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The Mister International Korea 2017 Are To Die For

The Mister International Korea 2017

Mister International Korea 2017We’ll be honest with you, there’s not a lot to say with this post.

That’s mostly for two reasons:

  1. The story isn’t that much about text as it is just a flesh fluff piece.
  2. Any real information that can be found is hidden behind a language barrier.

But here’s what I can tell you, the men of the Mister International Korea 2017 competition are hot. That’s it really.

The competition isn’t set to happen until October 19th, but of course they have announced the contestants, had photo shoots, and are generally gearing up publicity and marketing for the event.

And what better way to market a competition of dozens of hot guys than then put videos of said hot guys in their underwear up on the internet?

That’s exactly what they’ve done and we’re here to share it with you, so sit back, relax, and check out the videos as well as photos of 10 out of the 25 contestants down below.

Video via Facebook

Video via Facebook

No. 21 / Park Cheong Woo / Age: 28 / Height: 180cm / Civil Engineer
No. 25 / Hwang In Jun / Age: 28 / Height: 178cm / Pilates Instructor
No. 20 / Kim Gil Hwan / Age: 24 / Height: 178 / Scuba Diving Instructor
No. 7 / Jang Yoon Seong / Age: 25 / Height: 185cm / Student
No. 24 / Jung Hyo Bin / Age: 24 / Height: 180cm / Gym Trainer
No. 17 / Lee Seung Hwan / Age: 23 / Height: 183cm / Student
No. 14 / Ann Seong Hwan / Age: 23 / Height: 182cm / Tailor
No. 23 / Wang Sung Yong / Age: 28 / Height: 179cm / Gym Trainer
No. 19 / Hong Pu Reum / Age: 25 / Height: 183 / Dental Student
No. 22 / Jeon Jin Mo / Age: 30 / Height: 178cm / Dentist

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