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Model Robert Michael Is Ridiculously Hot!

He’s got all the right stuff in the lick and yum department!

Model Robert Michael

Are you into tasty muscle men? Do you dig guys with bubble butts that just won’t stop? Got a thing for guys from the Midwest? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because we’re gagging on Instagram model Robert Michael!

The 24-year old Chicago native is popular on Tumblr and other social media sites. And it’s obvious to see why – the guy makes up the required ingredients of lick and yum!

Tan mom.

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op

*SNAP* @stiaanlouw pink thong. Ex-sl

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op

In the past, he’s given interviews online that offer a peek into his persona. For example, when asked by Underwear News Briefs about what was inside of his drawer, he responded:

“30% jocks, 60% briefs, 10%boxer briefs, 0% thongs. Thongs are not for me lol.”

Hey, stud – that’s OK. The truth is we like to think of you without ridiculous necessities such as clothes. Instead, we prefer to envision you with au natural!

Close up 😈😜 📸📸 by @jacobvpeterson

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op

Because we are a Chicago blog, we already know that Robert likely has strong Midwestern values. Here, we are talking about being humble and keeping it real.

When Robert was asked about his modeling goals for the future, he proved those values by responding with the following when he was first got into the business:

“As far as modeling goes, I’d like to cover a magazine one day, like DNA or something like that. I’ve just started modeling, it’s still very new to me and I really haven’t dove in deep, I think this summer you’ll see a lot more from me.”

The only sun I got all summer 😜 @kalobdaniel 📸

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op

And let’s be real folks – goodness knows in a world filled with politically crappy news, it’s kind of nice to see delicious eye candy from time to time.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to feast on this ridiculously hot stud as a way of passing the time? Oh, and wouldn’t we all like to have such a yummed out bod?

Check the waist to ass ratio 😈🍾 today’s leg day was the best I’ve ever had.

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op

Do you wanna come over?

Een bericht gedeeld door PEACHIZ 🍑 (@peachiz666) op


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