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5 Reasons You NEVER Feed Off the Seed of a “Straight” Roommate

No matter how hot your roommate is, don’t sleep with him!

NEVER Feed Off the Seed of a “Straight” Roommate

By: Chris

I had a hot roommate that was a jock. While he never labeled his sexual orientation, I figured he was bi. Over the course of time we got closer and began messing around.

One thing led to another and I started barebacking for him and taking his loads. Sometimes, I would feed off his seed and swallow.

While all of this was going on, he professed that he was single.

Then one day he revealed to me that he was dating a girl; a relationship he had been hiding from me for months.

The worst part is he broke the news to me at the same time he announced he was moving out (and in with her!)

End of story.

Now that more time has passed, I’ve had a chance to think about what happened. Much of the insight I’ve gained has come to me through meditation.

In truth, I’m still trying to process everything as I go about the business of moving on. Because telling my previous story felt so cathartic, I figured I’d share my five reasons you should never feed off the seed of a hot roommate.

I’m hoping what follows will help you to avoid the mistakes I made (and am emotionally still paying for!).

1. Changes the relationship

The minute you start sleeping with your roommate, it changes a once plutonic friendship to something more. And I’m here to tell you that once the genie is let out of the bottle, he can’t go back in.

Upon reflection, I learned there was an unspoken sexual energy that existed with my former roommate and it wasn’t always good.

It can get very confusing trying to determine if his simple laugh is just him being goofy or if it’s the “secret signal” to start milking him.

This always confused me. Sometimes I got it right. But other times, I was wrong and it was embarrassing.

2. Escalation is very real

During our first few encounters, I was feeding off my roommate’s seed. I won’t lie – it was enjoyable and fun. The problem was it didn’t end there.

As time went on, our behaviors escalated. It wasn’t good enough to merely milk him. Soon, I wanted (needed) more. How much things will escalate for you depends upon the dynamics of your living situation. But I promise you it WILL escalate.

For me, I craved his manjuice inside me and looked forward to him breeding me while we made out.  That’s how far things went.

3. It’s not a free spot on the bingo card

When you hook up with a roomie, it can feel like free spot on the bingo card. In other words, whatever you two are doing may seem like it doesn’t really count because hey – “we’re just roommates”.

Let me tell you it DOES count. Anytime you sit on your roommate or let him ride you out, it’s more than just mere play. While not true for everyone, there can often be emotional consequences.

4 You can fall in love

Some people reading this might think the point being made here is bogus. But if you have ever had an attractive roommate, you know what I’m saying is true.

You CAN fall in love.

Worse, if the guy is curious or identifies as heterosexual, it sucks you in more because so many of us glorify the ‘straight man”.

When I was taking his loads up my hole, I can remember thinking each time, “Now I’ve got his straightness in me.”

How sick was that? I’m sharing this with you because I’m in therapy now trying to work that all out.

5 Stops you from meeting quality men

The final reason you shouldn’t siphon milk from your roommate’s tree trunk is simple: it stops you from meeting quality men.

Had I not started hooking up with the jock I lived with, I very well might have met other guys. I’m talking about REAL men who knew what they wanted.

But oh no, I had to get sucked into falling for a jock who lied to me about who he was. I totally bought into the fantasy with each new hookup. Only to be “dumped” for a girl he lied to me about!

Wrap Up

Guys, I know some of you are thinking I’m being a whiny ass b*tch. You are entitled to think this and I don’t blame you. Seriously, I don’t.

But if you want to avoid drama, thereby complicating your life, don’t sleep with your roommate.

I don’t care how hot he is. It doesn’t matter how much he entices you by running around shirtless, letting you see him pop wood through his sweats or “wrestling” with you for fun.

It’s fruit from the poison tree.

Thanks so much for reading.

PS yes, I am bitter.


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