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Norwegian Footballer Celebrates Trophy Win By Stripping On Stage

Footballer Celebrates Trophy Win By Stripping

Footballer Celebrates Trophy Win By Stripping

Norwegian footballer Aleksander Melgalvis Andreassen is in trouble for letting his victory joy get a little out of hand.

Melgalvis is a member of the Lillestrøm SK football/soccer team. The team was celebrating winning the Norwegian FA Cup this past Sunday after defeating Sarpsborg 08 3-2.

During that award ceremony, the team took to the stage in formal wear but one of the members didn’t stay dressed like that for long.

Melgalvis, in a glaze of victory, decided to give the audience a show by stripping down completely. While the team and audience enjoyed the moment as a funny (if not slightly embarrassing) charade, others didn’t enjoy what Melgalvis did next.

The footballer decided it would be a good idea to put his penis inside the trophy.

“Winning the cup is a big thing and obviously it should be celebrated, but it is very possible to do so in a manner that shows the cup a bit more respect” said Norwegian FA communications director Yngve Haavik.

“I am sure it wasn’t intentional from Melgalvis but it came out the wrong way regardless. I think Melgalvis and Lillestrøm agree with that.”

The 28-year-old later admitted in a statement that he might have gotten carried away, but he doesn’t regret it.

“I’ve come a long way to play in a cup final. Of course, I can understand that [people thought] it was a bit over the top,” he told the Dagbladet newspaper.

“I’ll admit that and apologize, but it is not something I regret.”

If you want to check out the moment for yourself, just below you can watch the video of Melgalvis stripping down to a (then) happy audience.

You can watch the uncensored version here:

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