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Nyle DiMarco Bares His Hairy Bum On Jeep Photoshoot

Nyle DiMarco Yum Pic

Nyle DiMarco Bares His Hairy Bum

Nyle DiMarco is literally baring all, giving fans a taste of his yummy behind in a cheeky mountaintop photoshoot.

The America’s Next Top Model winner stripped down and climbed atop of a red Jeep with a pale blue sky in the background.

The picture was taken by celebrity fashion photographer Taylor Miller, who said: ‘I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.’

The attractive model, who happens to be deaf and who also identifies as sexually fluid, wrote the following into the caption: “Into the wild.”

And there you have it – a delicious photo to drool over!

Into the wild 📸: @taylormillerphoto

Een bericht gedeeld door Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) op

Not long ago, DiMarco gave an interview where he shared he would love to date a guy with the following three qualities:

“Probably men who are athletic, who like the gym, love food and travel,’ he said. “That’s it, I’m a simple guy.”

Regarding his sexual identity, DiMarco said: “When I first read about sexual fluidity, it was the first time I felt a connection.

I don’t know why it spoke to me, but it’s something that defined who I was. I think the difference is bisexuality means you’re interested in both, but I think for me there are certain times in my life where I feel that certain attraction toward one type or another.”


Een bericht gedeeld door Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) op

And in case you didn’t know, the man is still “very single,” according to the interview he gave to People magazine.

The scruffy faced heartthrob has been in the spotlight more in recent weeks as he continues to create awareness around his foundation that advocates for deaf people around the world: The Nyle DiMarco Foundation.

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