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Nyle DiMarco Shares His Bum Shot in Las Vegas

Nyle DiMarco is just dreamy!

Nyle DiMarco

We’d be liars if we didn’t admit that we have a major crush on model and actor, Nyle DiMarco. What’s not to love? Between his furry chest, crystal blue eyes and charming personality, the man has it all.

On Instagram, professional photographer Tate Tuller recently shared a gorgeous and revealing photo he snapped of our dreamy imaginary boyfriend, Nyle DiMarco.

In case you haven’t heard, the muscular wolf joined the Chippendale’s show as a celebrity guest host.

Will you be my beach? 😜

Een bericht gedeeld door Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) op

Quick DiMarco Background

DiMarco was born in Fredrick, Maryland, and attended the Maryland School for the Deaf and went on to earn a degree in mathematics (why can’t he be our math teacher!).

But his career quickly veered from math and toward Hollywood. this model, dancer and actor remained a visible member of the nation’s deaf community.

He’s used his hard-earned fame to raise awareness for those who are hearing impaired.

Tub is so big I kinda feel lonely 😏😬😂 – shot by deaf 📸 @tatephoto #tubtimewithtate

Een bericht gedeeld door Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) op

In fact, the blue-eyed activist even founded his very own charity, The Nyle DiMarco Foundation, for the single purpose of providing guidance and resources to deaf children and families.

During his run with Chippendales, DiMarco will infuse American Sign Language into hot and steamy dance routines. Even DiMarco’s fellow Chippendales will join in signing as Las Vegas’s hottest male revue unfolds.

One of the reasons we like DiMarco on this blog is because he uses a good deal of his fame to shine a light on people and issues other than himself.

We’ve got to say that any photographs of Nyle DiMarco make our hearts go pitter-patter. But this one in particular is particularly yummy!


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