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There is now an online tool that can make homophobia disappear from the internet

online tool that can make homophobia disappear from the internet
There is now an online tool that completely removes homophobia

Ever wish you could never see a homophobic or transphobic comment again?

Well now there is an online tool that will shield you from any bigoted abuse.

Connector, an innovation studio in Ireland, has created the #LoveWins tool. The way is works is searching web pages for homophobic comments, and then changes them to something a little better.

So if you read something like ‘this faggot and dyke’ on a Twitter page, it will change it to something like ‘this wonderful friend and courageous human being.’

The changed words and terms that are altered appear in rainbow colors, so the user knows text has been changed.

This is how it works:

Ivan Adriel, head of digital at Connector, said the company developed the #LoveWins tool because of the high levels of online abuse targeted by LGBT people.’

‘Internationally, statistics from US organization GLSEN show 42% of LGBT youth have experienced cyber bullying, 58% have experienced negative online comments because of their sexuality; and over a third have received online threats,’ he said.

‘The high levels of online bullying and harassment can have a very negative impact on the mental health of LGBT people. Our #LoveWins filter is aimed at making the internet a more loving and tolerant place this Pride season, and protecting LGT people from the unnecessary and abuse that they are often subjected to online.’

The terms chosen to replace the slurs are positive adjectives ‘celebrating what people in the community are: proud, courageous, fearless, friendly’, according to Adriel.

‘We wanted to do something to help make the internet a better place for us all. So we created the tool we wished had existed when we were teenagers searching for our identity online.’

The #LoveWins tool is an extension for Google Chrome and can be downloaded for free.


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