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Orlando Pride will not go ahead this weekend over Hurricane Matthew

Orlando Pride postponed
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Orlando Pride will be postponed over Hurricane Matthew.

The hurricane, which has killed more than 800 people and displaced thousands in Haiti, is making its way to Florida.

The category four storm is expected to hit early Friday morning.

Orlando Pride’s organizers had said they are postponing this weekend’s festivities to November.

‘The safety of participants and attendees is our highest priority,’ they said.

‘The Central Florida area is currently facing the possibility of widespread power outages, obstructed roadways, and high demand for Police and Fire services in the period following the storm.

‘While the weather forecast for Saturday is favorable for our event, expected conditions today and Friday will severely impact the ability of our team to set up and prepare the park for a festival. Additionally, many non-local vendors, entertainers and supporting businesses will be unable to participate due to transportation and logistical issues.

‘With so many in the community looking forward to uniting together at Pride, the Come Out With Pride board is committed to making the event happen at a later time in November.

‘We will be working with officials on alternative plans and will announce the details as soon as possible.’

It was expected that many thousands had planned to attend the parade in order to pay tribute to the victims and survivors of Pulse. A vigil was also planned for outside the nightclub.

Many Prides around the world have paid tribute to Orlando with cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and London holding silences to remember the tragedy.


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