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Our readers’ riskiest and most outrageous sex in public stories

Have you ever had sex outside?
Have you ever had sex outside?

Having sex in public, it seems, is always a big topic.

For some it’s an absolute no-go, lest you be caught – for others, the ‘being caught’-option is what makes it really fun.

But while the general population seems to be divided, a recent poll showed that the matter is clearly settled: more than two thirds, 71.8% to be precise, said they’d have sex anywhere, including out and about.

A further 8.6% said they’d have sex in public, but only in saunas and clubs, while for the rest (19.8%), it was completely off the books.

And of course, our readers had stories to tell – and some of them are too good to pass up, so here are a few of our favorites.

’In the Navy from ’76 to ’81, it was a male only crew on the USS Nimitz then, and we had a blast on the ship and ports all over the world,’ one of our readers said.

Someone backed up that claim, saying his husband, who was on the USS MOrrison during the same time frame, also enjoyed himself.

‘University lecture hall, public beach, forest, carpark, car, historical monument,’ someone else said. (We’d like to know how the latter came about and, maybe more importantly, what the monument stands for.)

‘I did on the plane 20 years ago when I flew to Chicago,’ one of our readers said. And as if joining the mile high club wasn’t adventurous enough, he also had a rather unusual companion.

‘With one of the cute flight attendants…that was hot.’

Also going sky high was the reader who took his partner to (on..?) the top of Blackpool Tower.

‘When it was closed to the public,’ he clarified.

Parks and public bathrooms are always popular, too, with a number of people saying they had been with a partner (or multiple).

A few readers have also taken their love to holy places: a number of you said they’d had sex in a church or, in one case, a cemetry.

Someone else said: ‘Really? I have done it so much that having sex in a bed seems kind of strange-probably have intimacy issues:ahh but that’s another story!’


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