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At least 26% of people injure themselves while grooming their pubic hair

Groom your pubes?

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Doctors advise waiting for the skin to heal after shaving before having sex

When you want to groom pubic hair, everyone knows the importance of being careful.

But accidents happen, and apparently it’s happening more often than you’d think.

According to a new study, at least a quarter of people who groom their pubic hair have been injured at least once.

Of the 26% of men and women who have been injured, at least 32% said that it had happened five or more times.

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Whether with scissors, wax, a razor, laser hair removal or some other technique, the JAMA Dermatology study is calling for clinical guidelines or safe grooming recommendations.

Around two thirds of men (66.5%) said they had groomed their pubic hair, compared to 85.2% of women. Women also had more grooming-related injuries, with 27.1% vs 23.7%.

Hairier men also had a higher risk of injury.

Are pubic hair injuries being under-reported due to embarrassment?

Also, those who had attempted to be completely smooth ran the risk of a higher injury.

Injuries include lacerations, burns, rashes and infection.

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Some respondents may not have answered truthfully ‘owing to embarrassment or fear of breach in anonymity,’, the authors said. They also noted minor incidents were likely under-reported.

The JAMA Dermatology study used a web-based survey of US adults that was conducted in January 2014. Results were analyzed between mid-2016 and early 2017. Of the 7,570 participants, 55.5% were male and 44.5% were female.


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