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Peruvian Chef Serves Mouth-Watering Morning Wood

“I’ve been cooking naked with knives for the longest time, so I feel pretty comfortable chopping.”

Peruvian chef Franco Noriega

Peruvian chef Franco Noriega is a restaurateur and model who lives in New York. He also owns Baby Brasa, an authentic Peruvian rotisserie in the Lower East Side. His accomplishments are distinguished but have nothing to do with his celebrity.

Noriega became Internet famous after one of his recipe videos went viral on Facebook. Although he’s a talented chef, the main ingredient to his success wasn’t the recipe. In the video, the 27-year-old hunk wore only loose-fitting boxers. Need we say more?

Clearly, showing off his stiffy wasn’t an accident — Noriega loves attention. After fashion photographer Mario Testino discovered him, Noriega modeled for brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana. He’s been featured in countless magazines including GQ, New York Post, NY Magazine and The Telegraph.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of Noriega. There couldn’t be more than five inches of his body left to flaunt, and it’s only a matter of time. Last week, Noriega posted some very revealing videos on Shapchat and left little to the imagination.


Peruvian chef Franco Noriega

When asked about his attraction to nudity, Noriega told The Telegraph, “I live like that. I swam for Peru when I was younger so was always almost naked — in my Speedos, anyway. And Peru is a hot country, so you wear less clothes.” In a photoshoot with Joseph Lally, Noriega modestly covered his shaft with a pair of boxers.

Peruvian chef Franco Noriega

Despite his incredibly hectic schedule, Noriega still finds time to exercise. He told GQ, “I don’t have a plan. Like right now, through this interview, I’ve been crossing the Williamsburg bridge on my skateboard. I commute on my skateboard or my bicycle. That’s a big part of it; that’s how I move around in New York. My workouts are incorporated into my life. I also go to the gym like five or six times a week, and I work out for 45 minutes. I’ll pick a body part, one day I’ll do my chest… it’s not like on Mondays I have to do this, or on Tuesdays I do that. Part of me enjoying working out is giving myself the freedom to do whatever I chose.

If you’d like to see 99 percent of this muscular Peruvian chef’s body, watch below.

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