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PICS: Carson Aldridge — The Fresh-Faced Twunk of Our Fantasies

Carson Aldridge

Carson Aldridge first caught our eye in a recent shoot with Adon Magazine. Naturally, we delved into his portfolio – and it proves just as impressive. Carson is a model with Factor Chosen Chicago management, and has also appeared in Vulkan magazine. Between the freckles on his nose, to that peachy butt, via them taught abs – we think Alridge will do just fine in the industry. And if not, we’re always on the look-out for a mostly-nude cleaner, *feather duster and pinny provided.

Alridge is the kind of model you’d find in Coitus magazine: all American, boy-next-door, half-naked… All good from where we’re sitting.




Want more of Carson? Don’t worry, we did too…





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