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5 Ways To Prevent a Sore Jaw When He’s Super Thick [NSFW]

Jaw hurting? Here’s some tips

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Have you ever gotten a sore jaw when performing oral? Was that man you serviced super-thick? Did the experience make you reluctant to go back for seconds?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. Goodness knows I’ve run into this problem over the years. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I like thickish guys. But let’s be real – beer can sized men take a lot of work.

With experience and age, I’ve learned that you really can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to fellatio. The truth is, you’ve got to adjust your technique if you want to save you jaw.

Here’s five quick tips you might consider then next time you’re dealing with a monster.

pain mouth sucking big cock

1. Open wide

This suggestion may sound intuitive but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this. In my case, I’ve had men literally tell me “open it all the way” because I wasn’t doing it.

If you know in advance he’s a “big-boy”, it might help to do some jaw-exercises in advance. This will help to encourage limberness. Check out this page for suggestions.

2. Use a little lube

Believe it or not, putting a little lube on his head and shaft can save your jaw. That’s because the lubricant helps to make your job easier. You may be wondering how?

It’s simple. Lube lessens the intensity of contraction with the muscles in your masseter.

3. Pace yourself

Some guys think they have to go to town on their partner until release. That might look cool in adult movies but if he’s big, it’s not a smart idea.

Just like your biceps need a break after concentration curls, your jaw needs a break after bobbing for apples. Make sense? The main point here is pace yourself.

The best way to do this is by switching between mouth and hand.

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4. Hydrate

One thing that will really help reduce a sore jaw is making sure you are hydrated. That may sound silly but I am being for real. By drinking water before and during oral, your mouth muscles will work better. Make sense?

5. Self-massage

If he’s REALLY big, it’s completely OK to massage your jaw. Yep, I am talking about doing it during the drain-out process. In fact, if the two of you are close, he can do it for you. By massaging your jaw, you help to keep the blood flowing and the masseter muscle from locking up.

Final Thoughts

Large and thick can be fun but there can be special challenges. Hopefully, the oral tips offered here will help make your experience less painful. Thanks for stopping by!


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