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Robbie Williams thought at 21 he might be gay, but he just ‘can’t do the c*ck’

Robbie Williams thought at 21 he might be gay
Instagram – Robbie Williams wishes he was gay so he could have ‘sex on tap’

Robbie Williams has thought there was a time in his life he thought he could be gay, but he couldn’t bring himself to have sex with a man.

The British singer revealed he does ‘crush’ on other men, but just not in a sexual way.

‘The truth is with me and gay is that I can’t get round the cock thing,’ Robbie told Attitude.

‘You know I have crushes. Big male crushes. A lot. I crush a lot. But I just can’t do the cock. I don’t enjoy looking at mine that much. So I can’t get round that bit.

He said his confusion came from enoying what was then considered a gay lifestyle.

While Robbie was born into a working-class family in Stoke, he soon joined Take That at a young age. The boyband got their start in gay clubs, and Robbie fell in love.

‘I was raised in a society where gay was the thing you leveled at somebody you wanted to hurt the most,’ he said, elaborating on why he identified as ‘somewhat gay’ in his youth.

‘So then being exposed to this world that I loved being a part of… I took my first ecstasy at a gay club… had the most incredible time.

‘I thought: “Why have I lived like that when I could live like this forever?” And I tried doing that, which led me to AA.

‘But also because of the homophobia that there is out there, I was sort of left as a 21 year old going: “Actually, I don’t hate the gay… so does that mean that I’m gay, too?”

‘So I was 21 or 22 and I was like: “Oh, that must mean that I’m somewhat gay, in some sort of way”.’

While saying that, he also thinks he would like being gay because gay men are more promiscuous, meaning he could have ‘sex on tap’.

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