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Russia city says yes to Pride march, and then quickly backtracks

Russia city says yes to Pride march, and then quickly backtracks
Russian city allowed a Pride march, and then didn’t

It appeared as if a Russian city was prepared to go against the homophobic law and allow Pride to go ahead, but it turns out it wouldn’t last for long.

Nikolai Alexeyev, a prominent LGBT rights campaigner, posted a letter to announce the city of Ivanovo had stepped up to approve a march.

Posting on his VK page, he said the parade and two other public meetings could go ahead as long as they were moved to different locations in the city – to which Alexeyev agreed.

He has previously asked to hold marches in several other cities across the country.

Russian news sites picked up the story, shocked the march would be allowed to ahead in spite of the ‘gay propaganda’ ban.

Vitaly Milonov called on authorities to investigate, saying the Pride march was ‘bound to break the law’.

Speaking to RT, he suspected the approval had been the work of a ‘gay secret agent’ in city hall.

Senator Vladimir Bochkov also said there must be a mistake, as the deputy mayor is a ‘serious person and unlikely to be capable of such filth’.

Then city spokesperson told Govorit Moskva radio station there had been a ‘mix-up’ and the approval for the Pride parade in Ivanovo had been revoked.

The go-ahead was revoked because the parade would be too close to schools and nurseries, she said as reported by the BBC.

Alexeyev has said the mayor’s office has broken the law by rejecting the parade, saying LGBT people have a right to freedom of assembly.

The Ivanovo deputy mayor is facing an independent inquiry and could potentially be losing his job.


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