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Sam Callahan speaks out after his sex tape leaks

Sam Callahan sex tape leaks

2013 X-Factor constant, Sam Callahan won our hearts when he appeared on the show in 2013.

Since then he hasn’t fallen out of the public eye. His most recent scandal was a leaked sex tape that went viral on social media.

In the viral video, Sam can be seen laying in a bed fully naked, covered in oil, pleasuring himself.

Sam has since spoken out about the viral leak saying that he was ‘catfished’ meaning Sam thought he was talking to one person, when in actually he was performing for another, who intern recorded the interaction.

Speaking to the Sun, Sam said: “This was a couple of years ago. I was only a teenage lad, I hold my hands up.”

The twitter account that shared the video did initially set out to sell it but was suspended. Not long after the video began getting attention on social media.

He went on to say to the paper: “I was young and foolish back then in 2013 and I was young and foolish in 2014 too, unfortunately I wrongly trusted the person I was speaking to at the time and was completely betrayed and catfished.

“It’s not something that would happen now. I’m way too focused and driven to put myself in that risky situation, but I guess we live and learn.”

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Sam. Back in 2013 a glamour model shared some of his nudes while he was seeing fellow X Factor contestant Tamera Foster.

Sam is very open to sharing his body online, two weeks ago he posted a nude on Instagram:


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However, Callahan recently released his new single ‘I Love It When You’ and is said to be working on his debut album.


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If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. #JustBringIt

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