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School bus driver gives kids homophobic pamphlets disguised as early Christmas presents

School bus driver gives kids homophobic pamphlets
Facebook – This isn’t a Christmas present, but a homophobic leaflet

Young kids were as excited as they could be when they were given golden envelopes by bus drivers containing, what they thought, were early Christmas presents.

But in fact, they were homophobic pamphlets calling on parents to oppose same-sex marriage.

Up to 10 drivers are believed to have been involved in handing out the anti-marriage equality leaflets to students from Kyabram P-12 College, north of Melbourne.


‘Changing the marriage laws will impact your family,’ the pamphlet read, warning about the Australian Safe School program, marriage equality, and teaching of ‘gender ideology’.

‘Safe Schools encourages raising LGBTI issues in every subject. One alarmed parent pulled her children out of school after her 14-year-old son was told in science class that he could wear a dress to school’.


Kyabram College principal Stuart Bott told parents the pamphlet was not representative of the school’s position on same-sex marriage but said a ‘member of the community’ had given the letters to bus drivers to distribute.

Other parents claim members of Marriage Alliance, the group behind the leaflets, handed out the ‘presents’.

Bott said he is been answering calls from parents unhappy the school is allowing their children to be given political material.

‘We are an inclusive school, and are working with families to say that won’t happen again,’ he told The Age.

The school, which has not signed up to Safe Schools, says they already promote the inclusion of all students no matter their sexual or gender identity.


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