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Shirtless men doing yoga in kilts – need we say more?

yoga in kilts
Screenshot / Facebook – These guys will show you how to connect with nature

Usually the Highland Games, Scotland’s national sport, involve rugged men in kilts tossing trees and hammers.

But now the BBC has opened our eyes to an entirely new discipline we’d like to see included in the traditional competition: kilted yoga.

And they got two hunky guys to demonstrate what exactly that would look like.

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty fascinating, and not just because they’re good-looking.

As the name suggests, they didn’t bother with splashing out on comfy gear or throwing on the softest sweats and some old shirt you can find.

In true Scottish fashion, they’re dressed in kilts and not much else.

This is probably what it feels like to really connect with nature.

Although if you try it in class, we recommend either wearing underpants, or passing on the handstands – otherwise your classmates will be in for a cheeky surprise, quite literally.

Now, where do we sign up?

Watch the short clip below:


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