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Getting Plenty of Sleep Increases Sperm Volume in Men

Sleep Increases Sperm Volume in Men
Sleep and male load volume

If you are like most men, you care a lot about sexual health. Specifically, we’re talking about load volume and sperm count. That’s why a report by Harbin University caught our attention.  It turns out that there is a direct relationship between the amount of sleep you get and the size of your load.

Researcher analyzed the sleep habits of 980 men (18-51 years old) to assess their sperm count and volume of their semen. What they discovered was that both areas were markedly lower in those who went to bed late and got less sleep.

The study theorized that a lack of rest can trigger a type of anti-sperm anti-body in the immune system. In turn, this can have an adverse effect on the amount of sperm produced in the reproductive system.

Sleep Increases Sperm Volume in Men

Here’s what the authors of the study shared in their findings:

“In contrast to the individuals who went to bed at 10 PM-midnight, our data clearly show that late bedtime is associated with lower sperm counts and survival in all of the short sleepers and some of the average sleepers, suggesting that late bedtime is an important factor.

Frequent shifts in sleep timing were associated with metabolic problems and increased prevalence of depressive symptoms.

However, the literature on effects of bedtime on sperm health is scant. Based on the effect of late bedtime on reduction of sperm production, it is likely that a later bedtime could reduce the depth of sleep, which in turn can lead to poor sleep quality on subsequent nights due to feeling sleepy the next day.”

Based on the study, men should try to get more than six hours of sleep on a regular basis each night. Moreover, the research backs up a previous study conducted in 2013 that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that found men who sleep less than six hours each night has a whopping 25% lower sperm count than those who slept eight hours.

Bottom line – get those z’s and aim for a minimum of six hours. Eight or more is ideal!


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