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Sometimes You Just Need To Feed a Guy [NSFW]

It’s not always about the release

cum feed a guy

Can I level with you about something? The other day, I found myself wandering into a place that has a glory hole. Not that I am proud of it or anything (but not embarrassed either). But at the time, it just seemed like the best course of action for my needs.

It’s like this – I enjoy feeding other guys. Yes, I know. That probably sounds boring. And you would be within your right to call me lazy. After all, the guy siphoning out the milk is doing all the work, right?

But here is the thing. Sometimes, feeding another guy isn’t about the amazing sensation of splooging out. Sure, that can be part of the equation. But usually, it involves a lot more.

Speaking only for myself, I can tell you that I dig it because it plays into my need to dominate and be worshiped. If you think that sounds narcissistic, that’s okay. But the truth is that for alpha-type guys, ego strokes are important.

And to keep it real, you can’t always do this through topping. I mean you can – but the ego stroke means more when you are looking directly into the eyes of the guy who is draining you – and ultimately gulps it all down.

cum feeding

I could get all graphic here but there really isn’t a need. You can draw the mental picture. All I can tell you is that several times a month, I get this overwhelming need to let a guy (or guys) do this to me.

Can you relate?

I’ve heard similar stories from other gay men but usually, it relates to bottoming. For example, the dude who wrote about occasionally needing a 10-incher.

So, I guess what I am saying here is that if you enjoying being fed, know that you are doing a real service to the man you are working on. Chances are, he really appreciates the draining because it boosts his ego.

What do you get out of it? Does it satisfy some part of your persona or speak to your neglected self?

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