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Steve Grand addresses criticism of ‘trashy’ swimwear

‘He looks so tasteless, he looks so trashy,’

Steve Grand in swimwear

Singer-songwriter star Steve Grand has spoken out about criticism of his choice in swimwear.

Steve Grand’s body is straight out of the Tom of Finland school of male beauty: solid, toned, chiselled, with a handsome face that effortlessly switches itself on for the camera. As a teenager he developed a fascination with the male form and as an adult, this fascination is reflected in the way he presents himself; his body is something he displays proudly and unapologetically.

Steve’s body is on display on his Instagram account, where he often shares images of himself in somewhat skimpy swimwear. These shorts divide the internet every time he posts a picture of himself enjoying the sun, with some commenting that his shorts are just too much (or not enough).

Steve is aware of the controversy around his choice in clothing. “I’m very well aware that people [think] ‘he looks so tasteless, he looks so trashy.”

But Steve doesn’t see what the big deal is, admitting that he likes the way the garments make him look and feel. “Like men have this wonderful thing between their legs that to some degree protrudes. I think it’s a beautiful thing and I like presenting it in a way that’s nice and pleasant and attractive.”

Are you a fan of Steve’s swimwear? Take a look at some of his greatest hits below:

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