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Steve Grand is ‘All-American’ beefcake in his new calendar

Most months he is wearing very little

ve Grand is ‘All-American’ beefcake in his new calendar
Photo: Steve Grand via Instagram – Steve Grand has little use for a shirt most months of the year.

Steve Grand’s 2017 beefcake calendar is already a collector’s item.

The All-American Boy singer released the calendar on Wednesday (21 December) but only had 250 copies made.

They sold out within 24 hours.

The nicely buff Grand is wearing very little, thankfully, in most of the photos.

And in those where he does wear a shirt, it’s unbuttoned and his chest is still on display.

Fans who did manage to buy a calendar through Grand’s website paid $40 for it.

The singer came to fame in 2013 when the video for his song All-American Boy went viral.

The song about unrequited love with a straight friend has been viewed 5.3 million times since then and Grand successfully used crowdfunding to make a debut album.

Grand, 26, expressed frustration last year that some gay blogs continued to use old near-nude modeling photos he posed for years ago when writing about him.

The singer is now clearly embracing a ‘if you got it, flaunt it’ philosophy when it comes to using his good looks and body to promote his career.

‘You learn and you grow from that and I’ve come to be grateful for everything that happened – even all the bad things because I’ve come to feel that I’m the person I am because of all those trials and tribulations,’ Grand said earlier this month during a concert in Los Angeles.


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