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STORY: Dockside Dave

I finally broke down and bought a boat, I bought a house on the water three years ago, and it has a wonderful dock with a covered boat space. My boat was delivered to a public boat launch and from then on, it stays in the water. I live on the inter-coastal side of the land with about two miles to an opening where I can get out to the open water of the Gulf of Mexico, my goal is to get plenty of delicious fish to have weekend fish fry’s at my house for friends.

Dockside Dave
I was so happy to have my new boat, it was one of those things I promised myself but not until the house was renovated, not that it needed that much but I am a single guy and doing all of the work myself. I have had my friends offer to come help but it always starts out as work and shortly after we get started, it turns into a party and before you know it, the paint brushes dry out and have to be tossed into the trash.
Most of my friends have money and say things like “I don’t get my hands dirty” and “can’t you hire someone to do this?” I have the money but I would not be able to buy a new boat if I hired a contractor to do what I wanted done on my house so it just had to wait, until now.

I woke up Saturday morning, my first day off since the boat was delivered and up until now I have only had time to take it out and putter around a little but today was all about the boat, fishing and having the fish for dinner.
I put on some board shorts, grabbed my sunglasses and loaded my large red cooler and some sunscreen into the boat and headed to the dockside fuel and bait shop. I docked and tied the boat up near the fuel pumps and went inside and picked up a bag of chips, some beer and jerky and headed to the counter to pay.

“HI, find everything you need?” The man behind the counter asked.

“I need the gas tanks filled, ice in the cooler and bait.” I said with a smile.

“Dave, will you fill this man’s gas tanks and ice for his cooler?” He called out to his helper.

“Dave will take care of your beer and add it to your cooler, let’s get you some bait shrimp. My name is Joe, I retired and started this business over ten years ago, and it just never gets old.”

“My name is Derek.” I said as I took the shrimp from Joe.

“You got a knife and cutting board for the bait.”

“Damn, I forgot all about it, I need to grab one, I just bought this boat, and it’s my first time out.”

“I’ll give you one of our business cards, we have radio service if you run out of something, I can have Dave run it out to you in our boat, the card has the channel we monitor in case you need us, there is an extra fee, but it keeps you on the water.” Joe said.

The intercom from the dock crackled a bit with Dave calling in the fuel price for Joe to cash out my purchases, I paid the bill and walked to the dock hopping into the boat, Dave was standing by to untie my ropes and push me off.
I thanked Dave as I stared at his bare chest, his tan was dark as were his nipples but his hair was sun-bleached blond from the many hours he spends outside fueling up and servicing boats.
I got out a mile or two and dropped my line, and kicked my flip flops off and leaned back in my chair, the sun was hot and I decided it was time for an ice cold beer, opening the ice chest I found the beer but no ice at all.
“Damn.” I looked in my wallet for the business card for the shop and flicked my radio channel to the one on the card.

“Derek to the Bait shack, hello…”

“Hi Derek, you didn’t get far before calling, this is Joe, what can I do for you?”

“Um, your guy Dave forgot to fill my cooler with ice, I am out here with warm beer and no ice.”

“So sorry Derek, tell me where you are and I will have Dave run ice out to you, and again, I am so sorry.”

I gave Joe the GPS location and within 20 minutes I could see a boat headed my way, as he pulled up I tossed a couple of fenders over the side and pulled his rope close, tying off to my boat.

“I am so sorry, I put the beer in your cooler and was so busy admiring your boat and fueling it up, I totally forgot the ice, but I brought plenty.” Dave said.

I stood back and watched Dave break open three bags of ice and overfill my cooler, there was so much ice now, and I will really have to dig out the beer. Dave bent over picking up the plastic bags while I watched the muscles work his tanned body.
“I appreciate you bringing it out here, it’s a nice service.”

“Well, it’s all my fault to start with, but I brought you something else out to make up for my mistake.” He said as he stepped back into his boat.

I watched as he grabbed a bag with a couple of sandwiches handing them to me.
“I saw that you only brought chips and, well, a man can get hungry out here in no time.”

Looking into the bag I saw two good sized sub sandwiches and napkins it sort of looked like he was either trying to make up for forgetting the ice but I think he may have planned the whole thing so he could come out on the water for a while.
“These are big sandwiches, I can’t possibly eat them both, would you like one?” I asked as I offered one to him.
Dave took the sandwich and bit into one end of it, I watched as he chewed and tried to talk at the same time.

“What are you fishing for?” Dave asked.

“Whatever will bite.”

I took my sandwich and grabbed a beer offering one to Dave, I pointed toward bag of potato chips.
“The sun is great out here huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, for sure, I usually come out here and strip off naked while I fish, I love feeling natural and having no tan lines.”


“Yeah, you should try it, there is no one out here to see anyway.”

“Feel free.” I said between bites.

That was all it took, Dave stood up and popped the snap on his shorts dropping them to the floor of my boat letting his cock spring free, even his pubes were sun bleached. I almost dropped my sandwich as I watched his balls bounce as he moved back to his seat.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding, you really have no tan line do you?”

“Nope, feels great too, you should strip too.”

“Nah, I’m not sure my white ass cheeks need to be exposed out here.”

“No, you really should, it’s great.”

What the hell, I thought, I stood up and slipped my shorts to my ankles flicking them with my foot over to a bench seat across from me.
“See, you have a great looking body, just needs a little color from the sun is all.”

I turned and wiggled my bare ass cheeks at him making him laugh over my pale southern exposure.
Dave took a bite of his sandwich a piece of lettuce fell down his chest and landed on his pubes, he saw me looking at his crotch before he realized that he had sandwich fixin’s on down there.
Dave reached down and plucked it up and tossed it into his mouth with a smile making me chuckle. We finished eating, Dave put the sandwich papers into the bag he had brought them out with while I watched his cock bob around.
A rolling wave cause the boat to rock some and sent Dave falling onto me, I reached to steady him but was late to react and got a handful of his cock, his face almost banged into mine. I held him with my other hand on his shoulder, he looked into my eyes, and I thought he was going to kiss me.

“Sorry for the intrusion, I didn’t mean to fall onto you.”

“Not a problem, it was actually my pleasure.” I said with a big grin.

As he righted himself I let his cock and balls slowly slide off of my open hand while I looked right at it and then up to his eyes.
Dave put his hand on my shoulder during the next wave, I reached up and put my hand on his arm.

“You gay?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t like labels, I have had girlfriends and I have been with guys too, it’s just about feeling what’s right at the time and the person.”

“I see.”

“What about a dip in the ocean to cool off?” Dave suggested.

“Sounds great” I said as Dave bailed over the side into the cool salt water.
I lowered the back ladder and jumped into the water too, Dave swam over near me.

“Hope the sharks don’t get your balls.” I said.

“You are the only shark that wants my balls.”

I felt Dave’s foot touching my crotch.

“Hey naughty guy.”

“What?” He replied in innocence.

“You playing with my balls with your foot.”

“Probably sharks.”

Dave splashed water at me, his white teeth against his dark tan made me want to kiss him, we played grab ass a bit more when Dave dove under the water, I felt his hands moving across my ass cheeks before he surfaced next to me.
I leaned over and kissed his lips, he pulled the back of my head close to him, holding me for a longer kiss.

“I have something to confess, I forgot to put the ice in your cooler on purpose.”

“I was getting that idea.”

“If you had not called on the radio, I was going to remember it on my own a while after you left, I thought you were hot and I would rather spend some time on the water hanging out with you than on the dock.”

I smiled and swam for the boat ladder with Dave right behind me, as I climbed the few rungs of the ladder I could feel Dave running his fingers along my ass crack. Once on deck Dave put his arm around my waist and pulled me close, his cock crushing into mine while we kissed again, but this time there was a hunger about it.
Dave ran his hand across my ass cheek and fingers into my crack until they found the place he sought, he pushed a finger into my ass making me moan in a lustful tone.

“Oh fuck that feels great.” I said.

Dave turned me slightly and bent me over the captain’s chair on my boat while he fingered my butt with two fingers.

“Hang on, don’t move.” Dave said as he quickly moved to his boat coming back with a small backpack.

He found the lube that he hoped that he carried “just in case” and squirted an ample amount onto his fingers as he pressed them into my ass hole and put a condom on his stiff prick before pushing it slowly into my ass, the pressure was strong but my pucker soon became accustom to his assault.

“Fuck Derek, your ass is sweet and very tight.” Dave said as he fucked me hard enough to get the boat rocking with his repeated movements.

“Ohhhh… this is amazing, fuck me hard Dave, don’t stop, I feel like I will cum without even touching myself.”

I laid my chest flat onto the chair as I panted, he continued drilling my fuck chute while he ran his free hand over my back and sides causing me to lift a little giving him access to my left nipple, he twisted it rolling the hard tip between his fingers. Just as he started shooting his cream into me, he slapped my butt cheek as he moaned, and by moaned, he sounded like a wild sea creature that could be heard across the water at least a mile.
He pulled out of me taking his condom off and dropping it into the bag with the sandwich wrappers, he moved near the edge of the boat and I could not resist in pushing him overboard and diving in right after him with my boner sticking straight out.

We splashed for a few moments before I went for the ladder, but this time as I was climbing out I turned and stood on the edge and when Dave swam up I started jacking off, I stood in the way of him climbing out of the boat so he just stayed in the water watching the show, it didn’t take long before I arched my back a bit and let my jizz fly into the air splashing down onto Dave’s face, shoulders and into the water around him.
Dave licked my cum from his lips and smiled before leaning back in the water rinsing his face and hair in the salt water.

We dried off in the sun talking and laughing a bit before Dave said if he didn’t get back soon Joe would wonder where he had gone to and send out the Coast Guard.

I watched as he hopped in his boat and headed back toward the bait shack, still naked, I am sure that he will stop just before getting there and slip his shorts back on. Just then I saw his shorts still laying in my boat right where he stepped out of them and realized that he had picked up my shorts when he left, the bad part was my shorts would fit him okay but his would be a bit small for me as his waist was smaller.
I tried on his shorts, just as I thought, too small so I kicked them back to the floor of my boat applied more sunscreen to my butt cheeks, cock and balls so as not to burn my delicate bits from burning and kept fishing.
After a couple of hours and a few beers I decided to call it a day, I caught two good sized cod and was anxious to not only get back and cook the fish but to see if Dave wanted to come over for dinner.
Pulling up to the dock I was lucky that no other boaters were around, I saw Dave walking onto the dock to greet me, my board shorts were hanging off of his waist showing a good amount of ass crack and a patch of pubic hair in front, he looked seeing me naked and laughed.

“I guess my shorts were too slim for you?”

“Another planned accident so I would come back to the dock?”

“How else would I get another chance to see you again today?”

Dave jumped into my boat, he unbuttoned the snap and that is all it took for my shorts to fall to his feet, he stepped out of them and picked them up holding them open for me to step into.
I stepped in as he pulled them up, he leaned in and kissed my bouncing cock as I took them fastening them around my waist.
Dave stood there in my boat naked looking at me with that insatiable smile, his lips were begging for a kiss but I pointed to his shorts that I had tucked into a compartment so they would not blow out of the boat on the way back in.

“Would you like to come over for dinner tonight? I caught a couple of nice fish for us.”

“Only if you leave the fish with me, I can clean them and bring the fillets over when I come.” Dave said.

I told Dave where I lived and where my boat dock was so he could come in on the water, we agreed on six PM, I headed back to my dock at home, tied up my boat and rinsed everything off with fresh water.
I stepped into my shower to wash off the sweat, salt water and sunscreen, while soaping my body my fingers slipped into my ass crack and could feel that my sphincter was slightly sore, but it made me smile, thinking of Dave.
I wanted to keep dinner simple tonight so I cut up some potatoes for fries and made a chilled fruit salad with oranges, apples, strawberries, chopped pecans and strawberry yogurt. I put some beer on ice outside in a cooler and brought out a small deep fryer plugging it in to pre heat while I made a beer batter to dip the fish in before frying.
I sat outside relaxing while sipping a beer as Dave’s boat came into sight, I waved at him as I walked down to my dock to help him tie up.

“Hey, good to have you over.”

“Glad to be here, I have the cod on ice in my cooler, let me grab it, wow what a nice place you have and this boat dock is fantastic.” Dave said.

“Thanks.” I said as I took the cod.

We walked up to the house, and I offered Dave a beer and started dredging the cod into the batter and into the fryer later followed by the fries.

“I can’t believe your tricks that you did to see me, first forgetting the ice and then taking my shorts making me drive back in naked, you are sooo bad.” I said smiling as I plated up our food.

“But I’m so good at being bad.” Dave said as he leaned over and kissed me.

We ate the fish and chips followed by the chilled fruit salad and just relaxed in the back yard looking over the water at the sunset, I reached over taking Dave’s hand in mine.
“What wonderful weather, you just could not ask for much better than this.” I said.

“It is not only the weather but the good food and you inviting me over for dinner.”

“Yeah, it could have been just another night with me staying home alone and watching T.V. after ordering Chinese food to be delivered, I guess it is really having invited you over that made the evening what it is.”
I took Dave by the hand and walked inside the backdoor to my bedroom, I unbuttoned his shorts letting them drop to the floor while he peeled off his tee shirt letting it join his shorts, and he stood there naked in the soft light of a single bedside lamp while I admired the sexy shape of his body.

I took my clothes off while Dave lay back on the bed, I moved in from one side, in no hurry, I traced his nipple with my fingertip as I watched his chest rise with his breath. My fingers moved across his chest ever so lightly, hardly touching his skin and down to his side and to his hip making him jump a little under my touch.
I pulled his legs apart touching his inner thigh and up to his loose ball sac that hung low between his legs, I leaned in and kissed his cock head lightly, then his shaft and his balls. He moved one leg up and out giving me more access I leaned in farther and ran my tongue over his manhood as it started to harden and fill.

I rolled Dave over and lifted his hip while I pushed his leg under him some, in the light I could see fine golden hair covering his butt cheeks, I kissed the point where his ass crack started and down one side of his well-tanned ass mound to where his balls hung, without opening his crack, my tongue licked the divide between the two sides until I had Dave squirming with anticipation, as his breathing roughened, I pushed my tongue deeper into the crack, searching and gently biting at his fleshy mounds with my teeth.

I chewed at Dave’s ass while working toward his butthole, I dove my tongue in hard and deep lubing his hole with my spit before toying with it with my fingertip, his ass arched and pushed back against my finger as it slipped inside, first to the middle knuckle and then as far as it would go.

Dave’s cock was fully erect by now as was mine, the friction of me fingering Dave’s ass set him to panting. Dave turned over onto his back and I moved up straddled Dave while lowering myself onto his stiff shaft letting it slide into my ass, I faced Dave and watched his face soften as he exhaled when I was fully sitting on his cock, he leaned forward sitting near upright pulling me close hugging my body before he started thrusting, I rode his cock while my balls slapped around on his pubes, my cock, almost straight up in the air as hard as it could be.

Usually my cock was fairly limp when I got fucked but Dave seemed to be hitting the right spots to keep me very hard, his hands on my hips, guiding me, he fucked me faster and faster. My cock erupted all over his chest sending ropes of cum everywhere just before Dave started cumming in my ass.

Dave moaned and groaned loudly until the last of the jizz had been exhausted and I fell forward onto his jizz covered chest. I felt his cock slide from my ass, I squeezed my sphincter down tight as the head slipped out and kissed Dave on the lips, our hearts beating strongly and only inches apart while Dave’s tongue searched my mouth frantically as he kissed me.

I did not want to move, the bliss of the moment held us tightly together but I got up to get a warm wet towel to clean Dave off before using it on myself and falling back into bed next to this sexy man.
Dave spent the night, both of us fell asleep in moments with me resting my head on Dave’s arm as it held me tightly.
One thing was sure, I would be inviting him over again real soon.



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