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STORY: My Brother’s Brother

My brother Gary returned from his first year at college and he brought home a friend, he called him his brother but his name is Rick.
Gary would put his arm over Rick’s shoulder when he talked about him or something they had done together, I had never known my brother to be this close to anyone.

My Brother's Brother

Rick was light skinned with dark hair, appeared to have no pores on his face, his skin was so smooth and his lips juicy red, and was about 22 years old, same as Gary.
They went upstairs to drop their bags in Gary’s room, he and I have always shared a bathroom that had a door from it to each bedroom, some call them a Jack and Jill, we used to laugh and call the other one Jill.
The bathroom arrangements led to us being very open about seeing each other naked, the doors were rarely closed and if one of us was in the shower or standing naked in front of the mirror getting ready for school the other would just come in and go about his business, pissing in the toilet next to the other while laughing and talking.

From my bed, I could see the toilet and many times would see my older brother pissing while I lay in bed or sometimes I would see him jacking off while standing at the sink, he never looked to see if I was awake or if I was watching him, his ass cheeks would clench some as he moaned quietly as he would shoot his load into his hand or a tissue.

One night I saw Gary jacking off at the sink after he pissed, I could tell as he shot his cum into his bare hand but instead of washing it off at the sink, he took it to his mouth, licking the man syrup off cleaning his palm completely, this made me very hard and I jacked off while I watched him walk back to his bed letting my jizz squirt over my flat belly.

That was not the first time I have jacked off watching my brother, a couple of times he caught me jacking off, but he didn’t give me too bad a time, he just sort of smiled and left me to my business, I guess that is why I have always been so comfortable around him.

Gary and Rick came back downstairs after a few minutes laughing and I thought I saw Rick slap Gary’s ass at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey you guys want to go for a sub sandwich?” I asked.

Gary looked at Rick. “Yeah, sure, great idea Kyle, I am pretty hungry.”

Our parents were at work and lunch was often whatever you could make or eating out at a restaurant.

Gary drove us to a pizza place that makes the best subs and calzones, the pizzas are not bad either. I ordered a meatball sub, Gary an Italian sub and Rick ordered a pizza. The food came and Rick looked at the size of his pizza and realized that he would be needing help eating it.
I ate my sub and Rick pointed at the last third of his pizza.

“Dig in Kyle, help me out with this monster.”

I looked at him and smiled as I took a slice, I was not that hungry but I figured that I could eat a slice, besides I liked Rick, he was pretty cute and I found it hard to take my eyes off of him, his arms were pretty much hairless and a smooth white, I usually thought of tanned guys as being sexy but Rick was hot and when he flashed his white teeth as he took a bite of his pizza my mouth.

I was staring at his mouth when I realized that he was looking at me, all he did was smile just before looking away and went back to talking to Gary about some car.
The next time he caught me watching him he pushed his foot against mine and tapped my foot a couple of times. I was careful not to do it again, I felt embarrassed as it was.

We finished our lunch and headed back home where Gary said he wanted to take a swim in our pool in the back yard.
We got home and I went to my room to change for the swim when Rick walked into my room, I was standing there naked.

“Oh, hey, Gary said you might have something I can swim in, you are closer to my size than Gary.”

“Yeah, sure.” I turned opening a drawer pulling out two pair of board shorts.

“You can choose what you like best.”

Rick was looking at my cock, and I thought he was gonna reach over and touch it.

“The red ones are fine.” Rick said as he pulled his tee shirt over his head.

I lost my breath, his chest was tight with dark nipples with a fine bit of hair that formed a treasure trail that vanished into his jeans. I stepped into my the leftover pair of board shorts bending at my waist, I caught my foot and near fell onto Rick who had pulled the fly of his jeans open and pushed them to the floor. Rick stood there naked as he kicked the jeans off of his ankles.

I looked at his prick, it swung as he moved, the small patch of dark pubic hair at its base, and I realized that I had frozen watching him with my shorts half way up. Rick looked at me, he reached over and lifted my balls with one hand before letting them slide from his hand leaving my cock cradled on his palm.

“Hurry up guys.” Gary called out from his room.

Rick looked at my stiffening cock that was still in his hand before he squeezed it firmly, he leaned down and kissed one of my nipples.

We had better go.” He said.

I stood there with a boner jutting out from my body, Rick gave me a pop on the ass, I snapped out of it and pulled my shorts up snapping the button over my stiffie about the time my brother walked in.
We swam for over an hour when our parents came home we went upstairs to shower off the chlorine from the pool, I was in the shower when I heard Gary and Rick come in, Gary asked me to hurry up, they were waiting to rinse off.

“I’m not shy.” Rick said pulling back the shower curtain as he stepped in.

I took a look as he pushed up close to get into the spray of water.

“Well I am not staying out here alone, you two better move over, and I’m coming in too.”

My brother squeezed in too, I have seen him naked this close many times before, but it was different with Rick in the shower and him coming in too.
We all moved around sharing the water and bumping into each other. Rick moved in behind me saying he needed some water too as I felt his cock push against my ass crack.
Gary seemed to just be having fun and trying to rinse off, Rick leaned in past me placing his hand on my lower back and within a moment it slid down and one finger went into my ass crack moving down closer and closer to my butthole, he patted Gary on the shoulder with his free hand and pushed a finger into my asshole making me jump and cry out.

“What’s going on back there?” Gary asked.

“Nothing, I almost slipped.” I said while Rick was finger fucking my butt.

“Well, I am out, I just wanted a quick rinse off.” Gary said as he pushed back the shower curtain and stepped out.

Rick pulled me close and kissed me on the mouth, between him fingering my ass and kissing me, my cock was getting stiff and took only seconds more before I felt the tingling in my guts telling me that I was close to cumming.

“I’m gonna shoot.” I whispered.

Rick knelt down and sucked my cock hard, I shot my load into his mouth, my knees were about to buckle as I finished jizzing the whole while, my brother was talking to us from a few feet away, I could hear him peeing and knew that he would wonder what was taking us so long if we didn’t turn off the water and get out.

I turned off the water and pulled the curtain back, we stood there with water running down our bodies as I handed Rick a towel.
Gary went into his room to get dressed and was still talking to us, I was drying off when I felt Rick again, this time his face was at my ass, licking my crack. I turned to and pulled him up.

“My brother is going to catch us, get up.”

Rick smiled showing me his white teeth as he stood up and started to walk into Gary’s room.

“Wait, I haven’t even gotten to touch you.” I said as I took his balls into my hand, they felt so heavy and were larger than mine and his cock was quite a bit bigger too, I had just turned eighteen and Rick was about twenty two and his milky white skin turned me on.
I went into my room and got dressed but all I could think about was my brother’s brother.

After dinner we watched TV, it was hard not to look at Rick, he sat next to me with Gary on the other side of him, and our parents had gone to their room to read before going to sleep.
Gary went into the kitchen to get something for us to drink, he was hardly out of sight when Rick leaned over and kissed my lips.

“I want that ass tonight, I’ll come over after Gary goes to sleep.”

I looked up as Gary came back in with three cola’s.

“What did I miss?” Gary asked.

I looked at Rick and he busted out laughing.

“The movie, what did I miss.”

After the movie we watched another one that took us to two AM, Gary looked like he was pretty tired and said he was headed to bed.

“I’m going to bed too, I’ve had a long day.” I said as I got up and headed upstairs.

I shut out the lights, I stripped my clothes off laying in my bed, I could hear the two talking just the other side of the bathroom, I could not really hear what they were saying but there were other noises, I walked across my dark room, into the bathroom and peeked into my brother’s room, what I saw took my breath away.

The side table light was on and my brother was naked, he was on the bed on his hands and knees, Rick was behind him with his face buried in Gary’s ass pulling his cheeks apart while Gary moaned.
I stood there watching as Rick pushed his cock into my brother’s ass. At first I was pissed, I wanted him fucking me not my brother but as I stood there, my dick got harder and harder, I stood there touching myself, mesmerized by what I was watching.

I could see Gary’s balls swinging as Rick fucked his ass and a good side view of Rick fucking him, watching his big hard cock impaling my brother’s asshole, he would pull out to the point that I thought his cock would slip out before he would push back in farther.

I stood there in the shadows of the shared bathroom absently playing with my balls while watching and all of a sudden Rick looked right at me, he didn’t stop fucking Gary but kept looking at me, I stood there like a deer in the headlights, my heart racing but I could not move.

Rick smiled and winked at me while I took my cock into my hand and started stroking it, Rick would look over occasionally, his movements increased and his breathing turned rough, I could tell he was getting ready to cum, I think he wanted to give me a show so he pulled out at the last second and jacked off onto my brothers ass crack, his jizz flew into the air soaking Gary’s ass and lower back.

Rick took a towel and wiped Gary clean before rolling him over, I stayed back so Gary could not see me. Gary’s cock looked like it was about to explode, Rick went down on him taking his entire cock in a full gulp, he bobbed up and down and pulled off jacking Gary’s cock hard and fast with a tight grip until I saw my brothers cum shoot all over his chest.

My pre cum was dripping from my cock onto the tile floor of the bathroom as I watched Rick lean down and kiss my brother on his cock first and work his way up to Gary’s lips. I had to keep ducking back, I did not want my brother to see me watching them but I could not look away, watching Rick fuck my brother was very hot.

I quietly hurried back to my bed before they got out of bed to clean up, I lay still and watched as they turned the light on in the bathroom, Gary took a piss while Rick stood behind him caressing Gary’s ass cheeks and kissing his shoulders before reaching around holding Gary’s cock guiding his stream into the toilet.
Gary finished and turned to kiss Rick, I closed my eyes to all but a slit so my brother would not see me watching him, my cock was starting to hurt from straining for so long.

“I am going to take a shower and clean up, go ahead and get to sleep, I’ll slip in next to you in a few.” Rick whispered to Gary.

Rick turned on the shower and crept into my room letting the shower run so Gary would think he was in there.

“Kyle, I have been waiting on this all evening.” Rick said.

“I saw you with my brother, are you guys in love?”

“No, we are fuck buddies, and don’t have any real claims on each other, he goes out with other guys and so do I.”

“But you were with him a few minutes ago, and…”

“And now I am with you.” he said softly.

Rick flipped back the sheets and looked at me laying there naked, he reached over and turned on a small light next to my bed.

“I want to see your body and I want you to see mine.” Rick said.

He stood next to the bed and looked at my naked body, he reached down and flicked my nipples making me gasp as my nipples stiffened, I had just turned 18 years old a couple of months ago, my body had still not developed to the point of Rick and Gary’s, I had a deep tan except for my tan line at my shorts line, the contrast between Ricks creamy white skin and my tan was striking.

Rick leaned over me, tracing his fingertips around my nipples and down my chest and to my sides making me jump with sexual anticipation, he kissed my mouth, then my chest,before he chewed on my right nipple.

I lifted my knees pulling my heels to near touch my ass, my knees went open and my head back into my pillow as Rick moved his tongue down my body and between my legs.
Rick brushed his tongue across my swollen cockhead and to my balls, I almost shot my load then and there, I was panting having this handsome guy in my bed.
Rick lifted my legs and spat on my asshole before sticking a finger into my sphincter, as soon as it went in to its fullest I started shooting my load onto my belly, I could not hold it back, it felt so good and I wanted more.

“Fuck me, fuck me like you fucked my brother.” I panted.

Rick pushed his thick cock into my ass, the pain was great but lessened within a few strokes, I never wanted his cock taken out of me, I needed it like a drug, and I felt as if I was having orgasms with my ass.
My legs were spread and I watched Rick as his muscles moved while he fucked me, I glanced over to the bathroom door and saw my brother watching, his cock was hard and at first I was scared that he had seen us but he slowly walked into the room.

I was not sure what he was going to do, stepping up onto the bed, he straddled my chest with his legs, he stood over me facing my feet and pushed his cock into Ricks mouth while Rick continued fucking me. I looked up at his ass, and could see his balls as he bent some giving Rick the most room to suck him, I reached and held my brothers legs tightly.

Gary moved off of the bed and went behind Rick, running his hands all over Rick even fingering his ass without interrupting his movements, Gary moved around both of us, touching and rubbing and kissing and before long he was touching me too, tweaking my nipples and rubbing my cock back to full stiffness.

Rick pulled out and shot his load upward into the air, it splashed down onto me with Gary blasting his cum all over my cock and pubic hair, both of them concentrated on my cock, jacking and rubbing, kissing and sucking it together until I let my juice fly between their faces, they lapped up my jizz before they fell onto my bed, we lay in a heap and slept until morning.
Someone must have gotten up at some point as the shower was not running anymore. I was between the other two, they were reaching across me touching and kissing, I was hard again, and was not sure where stood with my brother, it seemed different last night when our cocks overrode our minds and all we wanted was sex.

Rick started sucking my prick while Gary moved in and started fucking Rick’s ass I looked at my brother while he fucked a guy’s ass, I never knew he was gay and I guess he didn’t know I was either.
The three fucked around several times more before they went back to college and I arranged to visit Rick while he was in school a few months later.

Rick fucked me at least two times a day while I was there, I felt like I belonged with him or maybe even belonged to him, it was a confusing time but one think I did know was that I wanted to have a cock in my ass whenever I could.

The last night there, Rick brought another guy with him, Rick said he wanted this guy Jason to have sex with us, I only wanted to be with Rick but this is what he wanted so I went along with it.
Jason was a small guy and his cock was slim and long, Rick lubed my ass and stood while he pushed his cock into me, then he moved Jason in laying on top of my chest and slid down as far as he could.

I was not sure what was going on until I felt more pressure on my asshole, Jason was pushing his cock into my ass above Rick’s and I thought I would pass out, Rick did most of the movement sliding his cock in and out a smaller amount than normal and after a while I grew somewhat used to having two men’s cocks in my ass at once.

Jason looked up and into my eyes, his body shuddered and he moaned, I knew then he was cumming his cock slipped out while Rick continued fucking me. Jason moved up and kissed my lips, neck and cheeks, he seemed very affectionate holding me while Rick blasted his man juice into my ass where it combined with Jason’s cum.

Rick had to go as his family was having some get-together that he had to go to but Jason stayed with me all night long, we didn’t sleep at all we just stayed up and talked, held each other until morning.
Jason contacted me near daily after I got back home, we would talk for hours and send text’s constantly, it grew into boyfriend status and after a few months he moved to be closer to me, we moved into an apartment later on that summer and never looked back.
Jason has always been the person I only could have dreamed a guy could be, We have been very happy and came out to my parents that same year, my brother never did, he moved across to the West coast and lives with a “roommate”.



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