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STORY: Strip Club

I work as a manager at a gay male strip club and share the stage with up to 6 other guys at one time along with having a solo or two depending on the night.
We strip fully letting everything hang loose and get interactive with the all-male gay audience allowing them to touch, grind and even push our cocks into their mouths. Some dancers have even jizzed onto a guy’s face as they watched although it is not supposed to happen, in fact they are not really even supposed to touch us but this is what keeps them coming back.

STORY: Strip Club

We have uniformed security guards to keep the crazy guys off of us when we need them and sometimes we try to pull them into the act. One Saturday night I was on stage doing my solo dancing to the heavy beat while peeling off my clothing and teasing some of the guys in the audience by grabbing my cock and balls in one fist flicking the tip of my cock across this hot dude’s face, he kept smiling and really enjoyed it.

Then a queen from the third row ran up on me grabbing my ass and trying to get his mouth to my cock, I gave Tom one of the security guards a look that he knew all too well, he was on this guy in a second putting him back into his chair with a warning that if he does not behave, he will be ejected from the club. I danced over to Tom taking his hand to my crotch while doing a humping motion looking directly into his eyes. Tom is a hot looking lean guy that has worked security for three years, he is straight but has a good attitude about gay stripping and all the sexy play that goes on in the club. Once I tried to talk Tom into stripping with us to see if he had what it takes to do it as a profession but he was too shy. Tom blushed at the fact that his hand was in full contact with my manhood and I took full advantage of it.

I ran my hands down Tom’s chest toying with his badge, I dropped to my knees and buried my face in his crotch and for a second I was sure that I felt him push his hips forward onto my face. I blew Tom a kiss and danced back onto the stage finishing my act when another dancer, Joel came out dressed as a construction worker complete with tool belt. Joel pulled off his shirt and gave his rip off jeans a tug leaving him wearing a jock strap and his tool belt, he danced around the stage before moving to a guy in the front row.

Joel pulled a tab and his jock was off with him now wearing only the tool belt, his cock jutting out, he pushed the guy’s face into his crotch, the guy took Joel’s cock into his mouth giving it a good sucking before Joel pulled out and moved to another area of the audience. Joel pulled his tape measure out laying it along side of his almost fully hard cock, he took his hammer rubbing it between his legs and down his ass crack before dropping it back into the loop on his belt as the music blasted. Last came the group dance that closed the night, we all came out similarly dressed in black rip off pants and a black vest with gold trim. The spot lights came up and the smoke machines pumped out a foggy cloud that caught the lights creating a dramatic look as we began our dance.

One of the dancers set the tone as we all stripped off our vests tossing them to the back of the stage and a few moments later pulling off our pants in one movement to a burst of applause and cheers. We had on G strings only with our bulges bouncing all over as we teased the men seated before us, tipping was not allowed until the end of the night. Some guys let the men pull the G strings off of them while others took someone’s hand pushing it into the pouch before taking it off and tucking it into that man’s shirt. We went way beyond what we were allowed to do by law but no one ever made us stop so we went with it, it filled the seats every night five nights a week.

I glanced over at Tom who was watching the show and waiting for one of us to motion that we needed his help, I saw he was adjusting his cock through his pants while he watched. I moved closer to the back row near where Tom stood and moved up on a guy dancing right up to his face with my bouncing cock. He reached up to touch it and I pushed it forward parting his lips, the man went deep onto my shaft. I looked into Tom’s eyes and could tell he was definitely getting turned on, I fucked the guy’s mouth a bit more before pulling off, my cock fully stiff and very wet, glistening in the show lighting. Moving to another guy I backed up to him bending over with my ass right in his lap, he ran his hands all over my cheeks and into my crack, about the time he tried to insert a finger, I pulled away and moved back toward the stage.

The rest of the dancers were doing the same things, I don’t think there was a soft cock in the house. Back on stage we danced mock fucking and did some actual oral sex on each other before the end of the bit, the lights came up some and as usual we stepped backstage and put on a jock before coming back out again to chat with the audience as they walked to the doors clearing the club. There was always heavy tipping going on and many invitations with them asking dancers to come home with them, this was against club policy but was never enforced. Dancers would make hundreds in tips each night and would rarely miss a shift. After the last guest was out of the club, Tom locked the doors and we all gathered around the bar for a drink and to relax for a bit before changing to go home, this also allowed time for the parking lot to clear, we used to have guys hanging out waiting on dancers to come out. Tom walked over near me sipping his rum and Coke. “Thanks for the help tonight, Tom, that one guy was a bit too handsy.” I said putting my hand on his shoulder. “No problem Philip, that’s what I’m here for.” He said.

“I saw you taking a special interest when I was getting head from that guy that you were standing by.” “What do you mean?” he asked. I saw you adjusting your wood while you were watching me.” “Dude, I’m straight.” He protested. “Whatever, I know I saw a stiffie in your pants.” I said softly. Tom had to wait until all dancers have left the building before he could go home, I stayed busy until the others had gone. Tom walked into the dressing room we all shared to see what was keeping me.

“Phillip, you ok? Everyone else has gone” he asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, I was last into the shower and my shoulders were a bit stiff so I stayed under the hot water for a while, it felt so good.” I finished drying off and stood naked knowing that Tom was watching my cock bounce around as I dried my hair.
“You should become a dancer Tom, you have a great shape and looks for it.”
“Nah, I could never do that.”
“You have seen the dances so many times, you know the moves, try on these rip off pants, and let’s see how you look in them.” Tom protested while I unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off of his broad shoulders. “You have a great looking chest.” I said.

Tom looked around nervously slipping his pants off, he stood there in white briefs. “Those won’t work.” I said tossing him a G string. Tom slipped off his white underwear when I saw his over-sized cock flop out. “Holy shit, what a fucking hot cock.” I said. He added the pants and we walked out onto the stage I started some music for him and I sat in the front row.

“Tease me, make me want you so bad while you dance.” Tom danced around having almost the whole routine down pat, he pulled at his pants which did not come off the first time but gave them a second pull and they were off. I watched Tom’s muscles move and twist while he danced toward me, he moved close as I rubbed his bulge while he danced seductively inches from my face. “OK, loose the G string and show me what you can do.” Tom pushed the bit of cloth to the floor, his cock was thickening, I pulled his hips toward me, he pushed his cock into my mouth and face fucked me. I swallowed his straight boy cock as the music ended and the room grew quiet I could hear Tom moaning as I sucked his penis to its fullest size.

My hands moved to his ass, my fingers running along his ass crack starting at his waist and moving down slowly. Tom was oblivious that the music had stopped, all he knew at this time is that he was so fucking horny and was getting blown by me. I pushed my finger deep into his ass crack but did not enter the tight virgin pucker, I did not want him to stop or realize that he was actually having sex, not just part of the show. I sucked deeply on his cock as there was an explosion of cum splashing into the back of my mouth, I swallowed greedily savoring every drop. “Oh Fuck, that was amazing Phillip.” Tom said softly.

“I’ve got an idea, the customers know you as security here, let’s have you doing your regular job and at the end of my set you come up like you are pulling a customer back off of me and you will go right into your number starting in your uniform, we can make you a special one with rip off pants and quick open shirt. How does that sound?” I asked.

“I would like to try it but want to practice after hours a few more times until I get more comfortable with the guys touching me.” Tom said still standing nude about a foot from me. “I think you’ve overcome your apprehensiveness tonight.” I said with a laugh. Tom blushed a bit. “Well you are a hot guy, you have always caught my eye, well, I mean, I am straight but I can still recognize a nice looking guy.” “Tom, you are not as straight as you might want to think you are, but that’s ok, let things go, there is no big need to put a label on things.

Tom practiced several more times with me after everyone else had left the building and each time ended in him cumming in my mouth. Tonight I put a little lube on my finger from a small bottle that I had put in my pocket, when he was getting ready to cum I pushed my finger into his asshole, this caused a huge reaction form him, he lifted one leg a little giving me the signal that he was enjoying it and he seemed to pop out twice the cum he had before. On his night to perform, I had asked one of the regulars to come on strong so I could call over security as part of the show, he was thrilled to be a part of it and I think he enjoyed getting to be a little naughtier than he normally would. As my number was ending that night, I danced up to my guy that was in on it all, I pushed my cock into his face, he grabbed my ass cheeks pulling me close as he sucked on my cock, his hands roamed all over my ass and into my ass crack, I pretended to pull back and finally motioned to security to come assist.

Tom pulled the guy’s hands loose and made motions to me as if to ask if I was ok, then the music changed and I slipped away getting backstage dressing quickly so I could come out in the back of the room to watch his performance. Tom moved onto the stage, spotlights shining off of his badge as he danced around showing his sexy body he pulled off his shirt moving his hands across his chest flicking his nipples as he eyed the audience.

Tom moved out to the edge of the stage, taking his pants off in a swift movement leaving him in a red jock strap, the crowd went crazy as they have seen him as security here for months and now knew they would soon see him naked. Tom danced his way to the guy that helped earlier and let him slide his jock to the floor, Tom picked it up and tucked the jock into the man’s mouth before dancing around letting the patrons touch his gorgeous bubble butt, they drooled over Tom hooting and cheering for him on his debut.

That night after the customers left, Tom came up to the bar as we had our customary drink. “Phillip, thank you so very much, I had a blast and but I want to stay the security guard for you guys and only dance once a week or so doing it just like we did tonight so the customers never know when I will be dancing until it actually happens.” “I love that idea, it will keep it exciting for them too.” I said. Tom became more comfortable with his “gay” side and would occasionally hook up with me. He was always a top but I sure was not complaining and due to his size, I always felt it the next day making me a bit sore but happy.


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