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STORY: Unexpected Three Way

I had just turned 21 a few days ago and was headed out to a gay bar, I have gotten into bars before but only by sliding in quietly and having other people order a drink for me, my friends could not make it until later tonight.

Unexpected Three Way

I got a drink and started looking for a table near the dance floor but there was not one were available, I stood sipping my drink for a few minutes when a guy waved me over to his table.

“Have a seat, no need in standing when I have space here, my name is Jeff.” He said.

“Thanks, Jeff, my name is Greg, I always get here too late to find a table.”

Jeff looked to be about 40 years old but was very hot looking, he must work out or have great genes.

“Have you been here before? I’ve not seen you here before.” Jeff asked.

“Yeah a few times, a couple of friends are meeting me here later, I hope, they do anyway.”

“My partner Paul will be here shortly, he had to work a little late.”

“Oh, cool.”

We drank a couple of drinks by the time Paul showed up, he looked to be about 23, not much older than me.

“So how long have you and Jeff been together?” I asked.

“A little over a year.” Paul said patting Jeff on the leg.

I sat there listening to them catch up on the day’s events of work, at first I could not see why these two were together, Paul was slight in build and a ginger while Jeff was built much bigger and then the age difference, Paul was near half the age of Jeff, but it seemed to work for them.

“I don’t think my friends are coming after all, I may go ahead and call it a night.”

“No, stay and hang with us, have another drink,” Paul said.

“Okay, why not, I have nowhere I need to be.”

We ordered another round of drinks and the three of us danced together for several songs before returning to the table.

“Greg, why don’t you come to our place with us and we can relax and have more drinks and a few things to snack on?” Paul asked.

“Sure, sounds fun, let’s go.”

I followed them in my car, they only lived a few miles away, inside their house, we got comfortable while jeff poured drinks and brought out cheese and crackers. Paul sat near me and talked more about his day at work and how the nellie gay at work prances around the office gabbing with everyone spreading gossip all day long while Paul was trying to work and get out on time, but that didn’t happen.

We talked a bit more when Paul reached over and placed his hand on my thigh as he talked, my eyes darted right to Jeff waiting to see his reaction, I was nervous about this, but it felt good.

“I’ll get more drinks, get comfortable boys” Jeff said.

He clearly could see what was happening so I kept the conversation going like it had been when Paul laughed at something I said and his hand went farther up my thigh, his fingers extended to the inside of my leg.

I looked at his hand and back to Paul’s face, he smiled and leaned in to kiss me, I started to pull back, figured what the hell, the worst thing would be that Jeff’s feathers would get ruffled and I would leave, but it seemed like they must have an open relationship.

I kissed Paul, his hand went inside my shirt and was rubbing around my chest and to my nipples gently pinching them between his fingers. My eyes must have been shut for a few seconds and when I opened them, there stood Jeff, just watching us.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable but Jeff moved on the other side of me kissing my neck and lips, they both seemed to be enjoying it, why shouldn’t I.

It was amazing having four hands roaming over my body and into my clothing and within moments my clothes were being taken off of me. Jeff moved to my feet, rubbing and sucking on my toes and feet, I didn’t know that I would enjoy that as much as I did. Paul moved to my cock and had sucked me to a wet throbbing boner that jutted straight upward.

They took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom, well it turned out not to be their bedroom but more like a sex room, they had all kinds of bondage stuff in there, even a sex swing and a bondage cross.

Paul moved to the cross while Jeff put the restraints on his wrists and ankles leaving him strapped to the cross and looking sexy and helpless. Jeff handed me a whip of sorts and stepped back.

“Whip him on the back.” Jeff said.

I looked at Jeff and then to Paul, Paul turned his head and gave me a nod and smiled for a second.

“I’m not so comfortable with this, I’ve never whipped anyone or done anything like this.” I said with a stutter.

“Give it a try.” Paul said.

I used the whip across Paul’s back lightly, Jeff took the whip and gave him a hard slap across the same spot as I had but his left a pink mark and caused Paul to cry out a little.

I gave it a go, still reluctant.

“Harder, he likes it and has been a bad boy.”

I gave him a few smacks again and handed the whip back to Jeff.

Jeff used the whip on Paul’s ass leaving red marks immediately.

“Go up to him and use him as you like, be as rough or soft as you want.”

I walked over to the cross and touched the curves of Paul’s ass, I could feel the welts on his ass cheeks, I ran my hands across his otherwise smooth and hairless body.

I pushed my body to his, my stiff cock between his legs and my arms around his body holding him tightly.

“Looks like you want a strapping too.” Jeff said.

I didn’t answer and did not move, I don’t know why, this had never interested me whatsoever, hurting the one you loved or at least the one you wanted to have sex with, but just the same, I stood there and went quiet.

The first lash was across my ass cheeks and was not that hard, I think Jeff was testing the waters to see if he would scare me off or not. Then the second time I could hear the straps hitting my bare skin and the instant sting was more intense than before.

“I have two bad boys to whip it seems.”

The third time was even harder, I cried out and my hard cock jutted higher against Paul’s ass crack, my hips pulled back and moved forward rubbing it between his legs, lightly pumping on him.

I could feel the heat from Paul’s sexy body as I moved my hands down to his narrow waist.

“Fuck him.” Jeff said, it was more of an order than a request.

I looked around and Jeff handed me a condom and a bottle of some clear lube, I slid the condom on and lubed my cock, I moved to my knees and pushed my face into the ginger’s ass, my tongue searched his tight crevice before I chewed at his hole. Paul moaned and pushed back against my face while Jeff put the whip against Paul’s back just above my head.

I stood and pushed my cock into his ass, and started humping him going deeper inside his pale ass, Jeff brought the whip back onto my ass, I felt the sting and it seemed to make my cock harder and stronger, I wanted to make love to Paul but the animal in me was strong and before long I wanted to use this ass for my own release.

Jeff walked around the cross and slapped the whip at Paul’s cock and balls, he moved in ran his hand between Paul’s legs past his balls until he felt the point where my cock was entering his lover, his fingers felt my shaft plunging in and pulling out he pushed a finger into Paul’s hole and stretched it farther than my cock did alone, I could feel the pressure which made it more intense as he moved his fingertip out to a point where my cockhead pushed against it inside Paul.

It took only moments of this before I started cumming, I reached around Paul grabbing his chest and twisting his nipples as I climaxed in his ass.

I pulled out and Jeff stepped into place and started fucking him, I walked to the other side and kissed Paul while my hands roamed his chest before going to his balls that were swinging between his legs while getting fucked in the ass.

My right hand gripped his very stiff and straining shaft jacking him off, I went to my knees in front of Paul and went down on his cock to his fiery red bush of pubic hair.

Letting Jeff’s rough fucking agitate Paul’s cock in my throat until he shot his jizz into me while I gasped for air.

Jeff climaxed in the ginger boy’s ass a moment later, all three of us were breathing hard, sweaty and worn feeling. Jeff released Paul from the sex cross and led us to an oversized shower.

Paul was the soap applier, we all got wet while Paul used a liquid soap rubbing it over our bodies, I put some soap in my hands and washed Paul’s back and ass running a finger deep into his ass crack following it to his balls. Jeff bent down and sucked on my cock getting it to chub up right away, I felt him push his thumb into my ass and my cock went hard instantly. Paul stood to the side while I tugged at his balls and played with his cock and within a couple of minutes I was blowing my nut into Jeff’s mouth.

We dried off and I got dressed and was headed out the door, this was one unique 3 way sex night, I will be looking for these two very soon to repeat tonight’s fun.



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