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STORY: Vodka Run

I was throwing a party at my house with about 15 guys invited over and needed to run to the liquor store to grab a few kinds of booze.

I had a few hours before anyone would arrive, I jumped out of the shower and tossed on some basketball shorts and a tee shirt that I had cut the sleeves off and left it pretty much open down each side.

STORY: Vodka Run Pool Party

Inside the store I was looking at rum and vodka when this sexy guy came in and started cruising me, he had dark hair, cropped short and an athletic build.

I glanced up and caught him looking into the cut away sides of my shirt and my nipple, I shot him a smile and picked up the vodka bottle.

I was about to walk away when I heard him say. “This brand of vodka is much better and about the same price, I mean, I saw you looking at them all and well, this one is better in my opinion.”

“I have no clue and was buying for the look of the bottle really.” I said as I put the bottle back on the shelf and took the suggested bottle.

“You must be a vodka drinker then?”

“Yeah, not that I drink allot, but I do like a good screwdriver now and then.”

He was smiling as he spoke but was looking right at my bulge, I was freeballing in my shorts and my cock was swaying around as I moved entertaining this cute guy.

“I’ve got to pick up a few other bottles, for my party, would you like to come over?”

“Yeah, sounds like fun, when does it start?” he asked.

“In a couple of hours but you are welcome to come over now and maybe give me some advice on drink mixers before we go if you wouldn’t mind.”

“My name is John.” I said, sticking my free hand out to shake his.

“Hey John, good to meet you, my name is Ryan, let’s get those mixers picked out then.”

We finished grabbing the rest of the liquor and mixers and headed to the parking lot.

“You want to follow me in your car?” I asked.

“Sure, I will be right behind you.”

We pulled up to my house and Ryan helped carry in the liquor.

“Great place you’ve got.” He said as we set the bags onto the kitchen counter.

We have about two hours before anyone will arrive, we can have a drink and a snack and relax by the pool if you like?”

“Sounds great, what can I do to help?”

“You can make us a drink if you like, I’ll have whatever you are having.”

Ryan made two large screwdrivers with lots of ice while I sliced some cheese and put some crackers onto a serving plate. We took the drinks and snacks out to the pool and sat at the tall stools at my tiki bar.

“You live here alone?”

“Yeah, my boyfriend Joey lived here with me until three years ago when he was killed in a car accident.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for your loss, it must have been devastating.”

“I still have my days where I feel abandoned and so alone but it gets better as time passes, I have dated some and am trying to move on with my life.”

Ryan leaned over and hugged me briefly before changing the subject to the pool.

“What a refreshing looking pool.”

“Well it actually is a pool party tonight, so most that want to swim will be bringing trunks, I have a few pair and you can choose one you might use tonight if you want.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We sat and chatted like old friends until the rest of the guests started arriving, I introduced Ryan to everyone as they came in, not mentioning that I picked him up at the liquor store only two hours ago.

Most of the guys were in their mid-thirties and a good mix of straight acting butch types all the way to my friend Brad, his voice was over on the feminine side and we have said that when he gets excited about something, the dogs for a nine block radius could hear his high pitched voice and squealing laugh.

Ryan fit in well with this group and everyone was having a blast, I had put out trays of veggies, meats and cheeses to snack on before the pizzas would be delivered later on, it was a casual fun get together.

Everyone chattered about the latest gossip or laughed at a story someone was telling, it did not take long before someone got pushed into the pool fully clothed.

A few guys changed into swim trunks and jumped into the pool, the one guy named Jim that had gone into the pool fully dressed climbed out and peeled everything off but his underwear and jumped right back in.
I looked over and Ryan had peeled off his clothes except his white boxer briefs and jumped in, no need wondering if he felt at home with my friends at least.

The doorbell rang, it was the pizza delivery, I had him carry the five pizzas out by the pool while I got him his money for the food and his tip.

The pizza guy was about 25 years old and was getting ogled by the guys, one even pinched his ass, and these guys could be animals after a few drinks.
I apologized to him as I gave him the money about the time that he was grabbed around the waist and pulled into the pool.

Oh my God, I could feel a lawsuit coming on already, I moved to help him out of the pool when he surfaced laughing so hard, I decided to back away and let it go.

One guy was trying to kiss him, he said he was straight but seemed to be having more fun in the pool.

Jim was getting ready to jump back in the pool, his underwear was hanging off his ass so much he peeled them off and kicked them into the pool. Jim jumped in and swam up to the pizza guy pulling him under the water, they surfaced laughing and moments later Jim had his tongue down the guy’s throat as he kissed him.

Ryan came out of the pool to have some pizza, his white boxer briefs were 90% sheer after getting wet, I could see the dark mound of pubic hair and his cock bulging at the fabric as he moved, his dark treasure trail took my breath away.

The pizza guy came out of the pool pulling his cell phone from his jeans pocket, I cringed as water had killed it for sure. “I’ll pay for a new phone for you to replace that, I am so sorry.” I said.

“Fuck the phone, this is one fun party, I wouldn’t mind staying but I probably should get back to work.”

“Stay if you like, I can call the pizza place and tell them you accidentally fell into the pool and would not be coming back as you are soaking wet.”

“If I could use your phone I will call to let them know I won’t be back tonight.” He said.

I went back to the pool and moments later the pizza guy came back to the patio and took his soaking wet clothes off, standing there naked he ran and jumped into the pool with a whooping yell.

I guess the lawsuit is out of the picture now at least I thought as Ryan walked up behind me placing his arms over my shoulders pulling me tight. “This is one hell of a pool party, I am having a blast.”

I patted his arm before turning around, still in his arms, I kissed his lips gently.

“I am glad you could come and hope you will stay after the rest leave.”

“Mmm.. sounds like fun to me.”

About an hour later Jim was underwater sucking on the pizza guy’s cock making him groan as he leaned against the pool wall. When he surfaced, the pizza guy went under to return the favor.

“Not bad for a straight guy, he sucks cock pretty well.” Jim yelled.

“No sex in the pool.” I replied.
Jim pulled the pizza guy out of the pool so they could get a drink and a bite to eat, both naked and laughing as they sat on a chaise lounge.

Ryan sat near me talking and laughing with the group, he really fit in well, I leaned over and grabbed a slice of pizza offering him a bite off the end before I took a bite, even though he had his own slice, he bit into mine and gave me a big smile as he chewed, his hazel eyes sparkled the whole time.

As the night ended, the pizza guy left with Jim, I think he was a little less gay than he was saying, I learned later that he was a big old bottom and would pant and beg Jim to fuck him harder.

Ryan stayed until everyone was gone, his undies dried and were no longer as transparent as they were before but he was surely a handsome guy with charm and raw sexiness that poured form him as he spoke.

I had decided that I was going to take things a little slow with him and see him a few times before jumping into the sack with him although it was foremost on my mind. I kissed him good night and he lingered for a long romantic sexy wet kiss before smiling and going to his car. We had exchanged phone numbers and set up a dinner out for three days later.

I picked Ryan up for Chinese dinner at one of my favorite places, the owner, Helen was very happy to see me and always hovered around talking and laughing but tonight she could sense that she needed to say hello and give us the space we needed for a first date. After dinner we walked around the shop windows nearby as we talked before parting with a discreet kiss at my car outside his apartment later that night.

After work later that week I found a brown bag on my doorstep with a bottle of vodka inside and a note, Let’s recreate that party again only just the two of us, I called Ryan and invited him over but told him I was not calling out for pizza this time so I made ravioli and garlic bread with a nice salad.

We ate dinner and stripped for a gentle dip in the pool where I pulled Ryan close kissing him while or cocks rubbed and bounced against each other.

Ryan sat on the pools edge while I swam over and spread his legs apart, I nipped at his inner thighs with my teeth as I worked my way to his nut sack. I licked and sucked on each nut while Ryan rubbed my shoulders and hair. Sucking his erect cock into my mouth, it was so wonderful and I had waited for this to happen for some time.

I got out of the pool and took this incredible man to my bed for the first time, I put him to his hands and knees while I pushed him gently forward inserting my finger into his ass, I took my time and explored him before moving on. His balls hung low, swinging against my movement while his stiff member jutted forward throbbing for attention.

Adding a condom and lube to my cock before gliding it in slowly making sweet and passionate love to Ryan, I did not rush at all as I fucked his ass, stopping several times to rub his sexy tanned body with my hands, reaching under to his hot cock. As I climaxed into his ass he pushed back hard against my cock, I gave him all I could those last few moments.

I rolled off onto my back and spread my legs for him to take me as I had him, I handed Ryan a rubber and the bottle of lube. He leaned down and put his mouth to my ass lubing my hole with his tongue before pushing his large cockhead into my ass, it felt like he belonged inside me and had always been there. Ryan was a master at fucking my ass, he moved so skillfully without jerking my body all over the bed. He leaned over taking one of my nipples between his lips biting it gently.

Ryan’s body moved and tensed as he jizzed in my hole, his body melted onto mine after the final seconds of his climax. He lay still as my hands explored his back and shoulders. I kissed his face and felt good with this man, knowing that he would become a large part of my life forever.



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