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Straight Guys Share Why They LOVE Eating Their Own Man Juice! [NSFW]

“I just scoop it up and eat it!”

cum eating

Have you ever wondered if straight men like the taste of their own semen? Curious if some guys who firmly place themselves in the heterosexual camp like the flavor of their own juice?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

That’s because we recently learned that there are (apparently) a whole gaggle of guys who really dig downing their own milk. We learned about the revelations on a totally unsafe for work Reddit thread that a reader sent to us.

Here’s just a sampling – which is kind of delicious!

cum mouth

“I’ve licked my own c– off my wife’s tits before, and out of her p—- but that’s more about the “dirty” factor than me actually desiring the c–.”

“I eat my c– all the time when I masturbate – just scoop it up and eat it.

eating your own cum

Swallowing your own c– has nothing to do with sexuality or being “gay” – it’s about being comfortable with your own body fluids. I don’t ever wish to suck cock or anything like that, but I do like swallowing my c– after I blow all over my chest and abs.”

man caught masturbating parentsBut wait – there is more. Lots more!

cum in mouth

“Ok. I love eating my own c–. It usually tastes pretty good to me. Sometimes I do notice it tasting weird, but usually it tastes nice. I also consider myself straight. I don’t have a problem seeing other guys c— but I have no desire to be with a man or suck another guys c—. I do suck on my c— though. I can get the head in my mouth and I often c– in my own mouth.”

“I kinda like the smell of it, I gave tasted it out of curiosity a couple times and I have no problem kissing my girlfriend when her mouth is full of c–, but I don’t crave for it or anything.”

self cum in mouth

There’s a lot more on that thread. If you get a chance, be sure to head over and check it out. It’s the stuff of lick and yum, literally!


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