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Straight YouTube star ‘pranks’ his gay friend to fool him into thinking he’s interested and people are furious

Straight YouTube star ‘pranks’ his gay friend
YouTube – This homophobic prankster played a trick on his gay friend

People are furious after a straight YouTube star ‘pranked’ his gay friend to fool him into thinking he was interested in him.

NoBiggie, who regularly pranks people by texting them song lyrics, also laughed and mocked his friend for reciprocating to the flirty messages.

In the video, NoBiggie sent him lyrics to the song ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers.

He describes there are only ‘two types of gay men’.

‘Now, speaking from all the gays I’ve met, there’s two types of gay dudes, okay? There’s the one type of gay dude who’s like super cool, super chill, like someone you could actually be good friends with. They’ll never try to hit on you, and they’re always just like super chill, cool people, man,’ he said.

‘And then the second type of gay dude: sassy, ego through the roof, always trying to hit on you and no matter how many times you tell these guys, look man, I’m straight, they’ll always say some shit like, “Oh, but you don’t really know, you know, you don’t really … you never tried it, so how could you know if you never tried it? Bro”.

‘And it seems like every gay dude I run into always seems to fall into the second category like, man, like what the fuck? Where are all my chill gay people at, man. Goddamn!’

He then texts his friend the Chainsmokers lyrics, and when his friend sounds a little excited that he’s interested, he mocks him by showing how ‘grossed out’ he is.

gay prankster

When NoBiggie sends the lyric ‘So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover’, the friend asks him if he wants to hook up.

‘Ugh, what have I done?’ he asks, and pretends to vomit.

Gay prankster

NoBiggie then tells his friend: ‘Dude, this was all just a prank. I told you I was straight multiple times and you still send texts like this?’

The YouTuber doesn’t seem to realize that he knew his friend was gay and still send him flirty texts.

He said he had to stop texting the guy because it was ‘getting way too fucking gross’.

And even NoBiggie’s fans are furious about his homophobia.

‘You’re just so fucking horrible. Flirting with someone and you got disgusted? Just erase the video,’ one said.

Another said: ‘No shit he thinks you’re flirting with them when you’re sending him intimate text lyrics? Honestly, what’d you expect? And you’re calling him desperate? Honey, there’s two types of straight people out there. There’s nice ones, and then there’s you. :)’

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