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New “Study” Says Penis Sizes Are Growing

Penis Sizes Are Growing

Penis Sizes Are Growing

Condom Company SKYN and King’s College London decided to do a “study” figuring out the lengths of people’s penises.

This is actually a follow-up study for one they’ve done last year which found the average UK penis size was about and around 5.16 inches.

Now, this new research asked 15,521 men about their penises and the researchers says that the numbers have improved since last year. They say that for UK men between the ages of 18-34, the average penis size is 6.1 inches.

Of course, many are now pointing out the flaws in the research.

For starters, this isn’t really a study with any real research to begin with. The people in charge of the “study” asked respondents online to share their penis sizes.

With 3,037 random men (the number of people who responded) sharing numbers that could be a complete lie, it’s pretty easy to see how the results :penis sizes are growing” could be wrong.

greek statue small penis

Let’s be honest, many men lie about their penis size.

According to Grab Him, two thirds of men ask about penis size before having sex with someone from a dating app.

In addition, a survey by FS Magazine found that 40% of gay men have anxiety issues when it comes to other people judging their penis size.

With all of that negativity surrounding the numbered length of a penis, the fact that this survey by SKYN condoms had respondents tell them without any verification makes the results seem pretty sketchy.

In other words, we want pics.


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