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Tanzania threatens to publish ‘list of gay people’

Tanzania threatens to publish ‘list of gay people’
Gay people are jailed for homosexuality in Tanzania

Tanzania has threatened to publish a list of gay people, risking mob violence and threatening their lives.

Hamisi Kigwangalla, the deputy health minister, has vowed to break up a ‘homosexuality syndicate’ and publish names of men working as sex workers.

‘I will publish a list of gay people selling their bodies online,’ Kigwangalla said on Twitter.’

‘Those who think this campaign is a joke, are wrong. The government has long arms and it will quietly arrest all those involved. Once arrested, they will help us find others.’

Some heavily criticized the message, with one saying demonizing minorities ‘divides the world’.

‘Where is human empathy?’ he asked.

‘Come on! Empathy to Law breakers?’ Kigwangalla added. ‘Gimme a break. If someone kills your child, will you be empathetic.’

Tanzania has cracked down on the LGBT community. Recently, Kingwangala ordered three men of ‘spreading homosexual activity to report to the authorities.

Gay sex is illegal in Tanzania and punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

In November last year, the health ministry suspended HIV and AIDS prevention programs for gay men. It also threatened to ban groups and charities that ‘promote’ the rights of gay, bi and trans people.

And early in 2016, the Tanzanian government also banned the import and sale of lube as part of its LGBT crackdown.


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