Calendar season continues to churn out gorgeous man after gorgeous man, and now the hunks of Red Hot, the art project dedicated to celebrating guys with ginger hair, have joined in the fun. Check out their incredible calendar shoot below:


January - Lukas Bö

January – Lukas Bö

February - Scott Henry

February – Scott Henry

March - Tom Peers

March – Tom Peers

April - Mike Del Moro

April – Mike Del Moro

May - Robin Van Der Krogt

May – Robin Van Der Krogt

June - Daniel Newman

June – Daniel Newman

July - Joseph Merry

July – Joseph Merry

August - Philippe Horowicz

August – Philippe Horowicz

September - Jonathan Wrynne

September – Jonathan Wrynne

October - Seth Fornea

October – Seth Fornea

November - Corbin Furstenburg

November – Corbin Furstenburg

December - Tommy Brady

December – Tommy Brady