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This is what President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will do to LGBT rights

This is what President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will do to LGBT rights
Donald Trump and Mike Pence are now president-elect and vice president-elect

Donald Trump will be president and Mike Pence will be vice president, the US has decided.

The Republican winners of the election have vowed to turn back the tide on LGBT rights and activists are preparing to fight back.

During his campaign, Trump told supporters he would be ‘better for the gay community’ than Hillary Clinton.

However, he also has raised fears of the following:

Marriage equality

Trump opposes equal marriage rights, and has vowed to appoint Supreme Court judges with a view to overturn federal equal marriage laws.

He repeatedly said he was for ‘traditional marriage’.

Pence voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment in 2006, a law that would have stopped marriage equality nationwide. He said being gay is a ‘choice’ and that preventing gay couples from marrying was not discrimination, but a means of enforcing ‘God’s idea’.

Anti-LGBTI discrimination

Trump has given support for the ‘First Amendment Defense Act’, otherwise known as ‘religious freedom laws’, seeking to legalize discrimination against LGBT people.

Pence voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in 2007, a law to prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. He said the law ‘wages war on freedom and religion in the workplace.’

Transgender bathroom laws

Trump supported North Carolina’s transphobic bathroom laws, banning trans men and women from using the restroom and locker room they identify as. ‘I believe it should be states’ rights and the state should make the decision. They’re more capable of making this decision’.

Despite a majority of people in the state opposing the law, Trump claimed there are ‘very few complaints’.

Conversion therapy

Pence supports conversion therapy, a dangerous and harmful practice condemned by mainstream health groups across the entire world. With Pence predicted to be taking on a major role in domestic policy, this is not

‘Gay cure’ therapy for minors is banned in the states of California, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont and New Jersey.


Before the introduction of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, 24% of HIV positive people had no medical coverage. Trump has pledged to repeal it.

Pence in 2000 that he was in favor of sending money allocated to care for people with HIV and AIDS to organizations that provide conversion therapy.

‘Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior,’ he said.

Fighting back

The Human Rights Campaign, among other LGBT rights groups, has said they remain committed to fighting for LGBT equality in the United States.

‘For our part, HRC will continue our fight for equality and justice for all with greater urgency and determination than ever before. We must. Lives literally depend on it,’ they said.

‘The defeats we have suffered tonight demonstrate that our future victories will require us to dig deeper and work harder to continue bending the moral arc of the universe toward justice and equality. We must fight to protect our progress, and to limit the damage that Donald Trump has promised.

‘To every LGBT person across this nation feeling stunned and disheartened, and questioning if they have a place in our country today, I say this: You do. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong, and continue to stand up for the principles that have always made America great.

‘At a time like this, we don’t slow down. We double down. Tomorrow, HRC will set to work once again, undeterred and focused on our mission to realize a world in which every single LGBT person is safe and equal and valued.’


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