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This teen’s fabulous senior year photo is taking Twitter by storm

This teen’s fabulous senior year photo is taking Twitter by storm
Twitter – James Charles is from Bethlehem, New York.

One sign of progress towards gender equality in today’s society is that men who wear makeup are less shamed and more celebrated.

Just look at male beauty YouTubers such as Jeffree Star, Manny Mua and Patrick Starrr who have garnered millions of fans and followers online.

Yes, with the help of social media, guys who love makeup also have the chance to shine and share their beauty tricks and knowledge with the world.

Earlier this week, makeup artist and high schooler James Charles tweeted about him redo-ing his senior year photo because the first time around his makeup wasn’t poppin’ due to bad lighting.

His post has since gone viral, receiving over 87,000 likes and 34,000 retweets on Twitter.

Charles first had his senior year picture taken sometime last week but he wasn’t pleased with the results.

‘I woke up really early a week ago to get glam for my picture. I recently got into makeup and wanted to have a pretty iconic picture since I knew it would live forever with myself and all my friends at school,’ he told Mashable. ‘I got there and posed for the photos. They came out okay but the lighting in the room was bad and my highlight was NOT on fleek.’

Unsatisfied with his pictures, the 17-year-old emailed the photography studio to ask if he could re-take his photos and use his own ring light on set.

‘They totally understood and they let me come in and bring my lights with me that I have for my makeup photography,’ said Charles. ‘My ring light is what I use for my photos normally so I knew having it would make the highlight look better.’

The teen shared that he did not expect his post to go viral like that.

His pictures has also caught the attention of Disney star Zendaya.

The next question is, what will he put as the quote to go with the fabulously flawless photo?


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