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This UK interracial gay couple share what they think of open relationship

UK interracial gay couple share what they think of open relationship
YouTube – Ben (left) and Jack (right) are a gay couple from the UK

Have you had an open relationship before? If not, do you think you would like to try one in the future?

Unlike our straight counterparts, the subject of monogamy is a sensitive and highly debated one in our community.

Some argue that monogamy simply isn’t possible, believing that most gay men are promiscuous and prefer to stay that way.

A study from Australia suggests that gay people are now more likely to be in open relationships than stay monogamous.

In fact, a statistical analysis from the UK shows that 4 out of 10 gay men have had an open relationship.

Other researchers are also looking at data which seem to imply that an open relationship could possibly make you happier.

For popular gay YouTuber Davey Wavey, he’s definitely gearing towards having an open relationship, which he believes is more suited for him and his current boyfriend.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who do not approve of Davey’s stance and ideologies.

Some give their moral judgment, while others who are more open choose to say that it’s simply their personal preference that stems from their past experiences, background, personality and etc.

For gay couple Ben and Jack who vlog on their lifestyle channel ‘Our Swirl Life‘ on YouTube, having an open relationship isn’t something that they hope to have, whether at the moment or in the future.

Ben says in their new video that growing up watching lots of Disney animation films has made him desire and believe in monogamy and having a ‘happily ever after’ with one person.

As for Jack, he shares that his personality has held him back from trying an open relationship.

‘I am too jealous,’ he says. ‘If I was coming home from work each day knowing that you’d just gone off to be with someone else rather me, I think I would become very insecure.’

Watch their adorable, funny yet thought provoking discussion here:

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