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Tom Daley answers fan questions – but not about his wedding

Tom Daley answers fan questions
YouTube – Tom Daley was disappointed over Olympics result

With some time on his hands, Tom Daley posted a YouTube video this week answering questions fans asked via social media.

Of course the Olympic diver was asked about his wedding next year to Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.

He said simply: ‘I’m not going to tell you anything’ then moved on to the next question.

But he does say later that in 10 years, he sees himself married to Black with a couple of kids and enjoying a successful TV presenting career.

The 22 year old was also asked about how he’s been spending his time since competing last month in the Summer Olympics in Rio where he won a bronze medal in the synchro 10 meter platform but failed to reach the finals in his solo event.

‘I am enjoying my break,’ he says. ‘I’ve been doing lots of fun things. Just had London Fashion Week … I’ve been in LA a couple of times and been able to just chill out and enjoy my time with Lance.

‘I’ve been able to support him with his post-production stuff because he’s just finishing up on his miniseries he was shooting all this year called When We Rise which is going to be out next year.

‘For now, I’m just enjoying my time off. I’m going to get back into training towards the end of this year and my next competition will be whenever I’m ready because I’m taking it easy next year. I’m just going to ease back in to things slowly.’

Among the other tidbits we learn are that Daley has never been to New York but is planning to travel there next year, he has scars from twice hitting his head on a diving board, his favorite American food is chicken fried steak and his favorite TV show right now is Stranger Things.


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