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Troye Sivan nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ award

Troye Sivan nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ award

Singer, actor, YouTube personality and LGBT role model Troye Sivan has been named a state finalist alongside eight other young individuals for the coveted ‘Young Australian of the Year’ award.

The award recognises “outstanding and exceptional young Australians”, aged 16 to 30, with nominees chosen states around country for their idealism, integrity, and energy.

21-year-old Troye, who released debut album Blue Neighbourhood last yeat, began his career through YouTube back in 2007, where he racked up millions of fans for his singing performance and later vlogs.

He publicly came out via the platform in 2013, with his announcement video racking up over seven million views alone.

Since then, Troye has been a passionate LGBT role model for many youths around the world, giving many others the courage to come out and be proud of who they are and speaking on a variety of LGBT issues.

The singer has also advocated and celebrated same-sex love within his music, with his recent video for ‘Wild’ ft. Alessia Cara featuring couples both gay and straight.

Describing coming out his “best career decision” in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Troye explained: “I didn’t want to sign my record deal ‘closeted,’ so I came out right before I signed my deal.

“It allowed me from day one to write music that was completely honest.”

The winners ‘Young Australian of the Year’ are set to be announced on January 26, 2017, but it’s not Troye’s only success this week – just last night he won the the Worldwide Act for Australia award at the MTV EMAs in Rotterdam.

Watch Troye’s video for ‘Youth’ below:

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