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Troye Sivan opens up after nude pic leaks online

Troye Sivan opens up after nude pic leaks online
Instagram / @troyesivan – Troye Sivan is a South African-born Australian singer and YouTuber

Troye Sivan tried to stay positive by making a joke out of his recent nude pic leak incident, though the out 21-year-old ‘Wild‘ singer added that he’s still dealing with the situation.

And of course, in support of Sivan, Gay Star News will not be providing any link to the said picture.

Sivan first shared a screenshot of his convo with his management to his fans following the leak.

However, he posted a second tweet telling people to stop sharing the picture.

In a separate tweet, Sivan told a fan that he’s still ‘dealing’ with it.

‘:( hope ur ok!!!’ wrote the fan.

The singer replied: ‘I’m kinda not!!!! But I’m dealin. What can you do.’

And ICYMI, research has shown that when you send out intimate pictures of yourself to a stranger, there’s a high probability that he ain’t keeping them private.

So guys, send at your own risk.


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