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Man With Two-Inch Penis Grew His Manhood Larger with Testosterone Shots

He visited clinic with little body hair and small testicles.

Micro penis

A 34-year-old guy from Pakistan visited an endocrinology clinic with a serious complaint: He didn’t have a lot of body hair, particularly around his pubes or under his armpits.

As published in BMJ Case Reports, when the physicians examined him, they discovered his penis was a lot smaller than average. After stretching it out (something doctors do to take measurements) his stick came out to be just under two inches.

According to most clinical studies, this made this gent’s peen fall into the category of a micro-penis. [In a 2015 analysis of penis sizes of 15,000 men, anything 3.3 inches or less constitutes “micro”].

So as the story goes, doctors determined that his testicular volume was extremely low (meaning splooge) as were his overall testosterone levels.

FYI: The cutoff for low T is somewhat subjective however, it is generally agreed upon that anything below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) is considered diagnostically low testosterone. This Pakistani man’s levels measured just 55.99 ng/dL.

Other lab results uncovered low levels of other reproductive agents, like luteinizing hormone and follicular stimulating hormone. A face to face interview with the man revealed that he wasn’t able to ejaculate. Additionally, he experienced very few morning erections.

So what did physicians diagnose? Apparently, the guy had a fairly uncommon disorder called idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Translation: a condition whereby the male testicles don’t produce enough male sex hormone.

Doctors determined he had the idiopathic kind, meaning they couldn’t find a structural or functional issue with his pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

The medical team suggested a series of testosterone injections to get his levels back up to normal. After nine months of shots, his testicular volume doubled in size.

Moreover, his penis grew to the average size for men his age. [Per a 2015 study, the average stretched size is 5.2 inches.)

If you suspect you have low testosterone, speak with your physician about getting your levels checked. Your doctor will likely conduct a lab test to find out your numbers.

If the results come back low, you may be a candidate for testosterone therapy.


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