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WATCH: Warwick Rowers tease their tasty fruit in new charity calendar [NSFW]

 See the pictures as the boys get each other wet for this year’s photoshoot

Warwick Rowers Calender 2018
Warwick Rowers – Naked again: The annual Warwick Rowers Calendar raises money to combat homophobia

Gorgeous athletic students taking their kit off in the name of making sports more LGBT inclusive?

Yes, it’s that time of year.

The British Warwick Rowers are naked once more, for the eighth year in a row.

They’ve come a long way since their first calendar in 2009 raised a mere £300 for their boat club.

Since then, moved by the message from their LGBT fans about the homophobia they had encountered in sport; their calendar now raises money for Sports Allies as well as their university sports society.

Later this month the charity will be launching a new strategy and an academic report House of Commons on 26 October.

It’s because an NUS report says, 47% of LGBT+ students who don’t participate in sport say they find the culture around it alienating.

They are currently crowdfunding for their 2018 calendar, offering all sorts of packages to lucky fans.

In the buff, behind the scenes

Angus Malcolm, producer of the Warwick Rowers calendar and LGBT rights activist sees the rowers completely in the buff every year.

Speaking about making the calendar he says: ‘For the first few minutes everyone feels strange, but then it seems entirely natural. After a few

‘For the first few minutes everyone feels strange, but then it seems entirely natural. After a few days, they don’t bother putting clothes on between takes.

‘The rowers’ attitudes to people of other cultures and sexualities have always been great, but every year they’re more open, understanding and welcoming of diversity.

‘Being one of the Rowers has even helped them get jobs after graduating: it shows they’ve got character, and that they’re worldly, modern citizens.’

Watch the teaser for their 2018 calendar now:

Fondling their fruit

Rower Etienne nodded to how much love they get from the LGBTI community to GSN:

‘As Warwick Rowers, we’ve always welcomed our gay fans and wouldn’t be where we are today without them.’

With that in mind, and because we believe in tackling homophobia; we thought it was only fair to share our favorite ‘tackles’ from the video. Of course, the tasteful shoot never shows off anything too naughty…

The boys do get each other a little wet:

Warwick Rowers 2018

As the evidence shows here:

Warwick Rowers 2018

They even get their art on:

Warwick Rowers calender 2018

Sort of.

Warwick Rowers 2018

They have a strong selfie game:

But hands-on bums, their message is still the same:

Warwick Rowers

They are all about inspiring LGBT+ inclusion in sport.

You can check out the crowdfunding campaign from the Warwick Rowers now.

More tips and advice about rowing-training you can find in the multi-page guide from Sport Fitness Advisor.


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