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WATCH: Couple attempts naked ‘100 layers of melted chocolate’ challenge

Couple attempts naked ‘100 layers of melted chocolate’ challenge
YouTube – Pedro being covered with hot melted chocolate with the help of his boyfriend

One of the biggest trends on YouTube this summer is the ‘100 layers’ challenge, which requires the participants to put on 100 layers of whatever on themselves.

The challenge originally started by the beauty vloggers who put on layers upon layers of makeup on.

As time goes, YouTubers try to outwit one another with more outrageous and creative ways of doing the challenge.

Gay couple Loreanzo and Pedro on YouTube decided to use chocolate as their coverage, and to up their game, they are doing the challenge completely naked.

Yes, you heard it right: 100 layers of melted chocolate on the entire body.

How? The two started off with a mountain of chocolate bars, said to be about 150 of them and weighing around 30kg in total.

They then proceeded to chop the chocolate bars up and melt them.

And as if the whole idea isn’t erotic enough, Pedro wore a swimming cap and goggles as he stripped naked.

Loreanzo then helped to wrap his boyfriend up with a few layers of cling wrap before pouring hot melted chocolate on him.

Watch what went down here:

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