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WATCH: Food truck in North Carolina refuses to serve people it thinks are gay

The state’s HB2 law is put to test by The Daily Show

The Daily Show food truck

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show decided open up a food truck in North Carolina to show people there what discrimination feels like.

The state’s HB2 essentially makes discrimination against LGBT people legal.

So the workers inside the truck – Daily Show correspondents Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper – cite this as they refuse service to any customers they perceive to be gay.

Bone Bros. BBQ even has a sign which reads: ‘No Gays Allowed.’

The first man shown orders a barbecue sandwich and is told by Klepper: ‘You can’t just throw it in everyone’s face, all right? We’re not gonna serve you.’

When the man insists he’s not gay and been married for 22 years, the duo behind the counter say they aren’t buying it and ask him for proof.

‘I get a weird vibe, that’s all we need. Sorry,’ Klepper says.

They then ask the man to step away from the window because he’s ‘scaring’ away customers.

Klepper later says to another man: ‘We don’t serve gay people. Look, your gay taste buds aren’t even calibrated to enjoy straight mac and cheese. They’re more cultivated to enjoy things like cilantro and penis.’

The man seems more focused on why they think he’s gay than the fact that he’s being arbitrarily discriminated against.


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