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WATCH: Gay beauty YouTuber Manny Mua reviews ‘lip-dicks’

Manny Mua tries a new product for the lips
YouTube – Manny Mua tries a new product for the lips

Out makeup artist and beauty guru Manny Mua recently reviewed a very special product on his YouTube channel — not your usual lipstick, but a lip-DICK, like literally.

Manny said he bought a couple of penis-shaped lipsticks on Amazon after reading about them on BuzzFeed.

In the video, he gives his fans a review of four different shades and their quality.

‘I wanted to buy these because I feel like makeup and dicks are big parts of my life,’ he says. ‘So I figured that two of them combined into one thing could be potentially amazing.’

And surprise, surprise, the lipdicks are actually pretty good.

‘As you see, the dick is nice and clean, and shockingly pigmented… [and] smells like roses!’ Manny describes.

He adds: ‘These are so much less aggressive than the real thing.’


Manny’s final thoughts? He says the lip-dicks definitely work and he’s very impressive by the results.

Would you give it a try or buy it for a friend?


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